Disaffiliation and UWF

Find out how to remain with the United Women in Faith

Disaffiliations have occurred throughout the Western Pennsylvania Conference and that is creating some confusion for individuals and local units, especially within those disaffiliated churches.

There are individual women in those churches that may be seeking to remain connected to United Women in Faith and/or may be seeking United Methodist or other churches and may be in a time of discernment about what is next. Some local units may be staying connected to United Women in Faith for now, while waiting to see what is next.

Many local units in disaffiliating churches should have received a letter from the Conference President, Peggy Ward, or your district. If not, this document will provide similar information. 

WPA Conference United Women of Faith is proud of the impact we have had on women, children and youth during our long history together. We are thankful and thank you for being part of this great organization. Whether working together or separately, We believe that we will all, in our contexts, continue to love God, to serve, advocate for, and impact the lives of women, children and youth in this conference and beyond. To God Be the Glory!

Please know that your local church’s disaffiliation does not automatically disaffiliate your unit or you.  All women and units have the option to remain as part of United Women in Faith, and must be given that option, regardless of the church’s disaffiliation status.

There is a lot of confusion and confusing information and messages being given to women and units at this time, especially in disaffiliating churches. Remember, United Women in Faith is the same organization you have long been part of either as United Methodist Women or other predecessor names. Trust what you know of who we are. If you are getting information that conflicts with that, trust what you know from having been part of the organization, speak with your district and/or conference team and go directly to the website- 
United Women in Faith
Conference  https://www.wpaumc.org/United-Women-In-Faith
National   https://uwfaith.org/
Where the Money Goes

Disaffiliating from United Women in Faith

If your unit or individual women would like to remain with United Women in Faith,

  1. You may remain a United Women in Faith unit within your disafilliated church or you may join another local unit, relate in another way that your particular district has established, or you may relate directly to the Conference United Women in Faith, or become an All Access member.
  2. Notify your district president or MNO or Mary Hart, twoharts2@icloud.com
  3. See By-laws for Staying Connected on the webpage https://www.wpaumc.org/united-women-in-faith
  4. You can join as an online All-Access member at https://uwfaith.org/join-us/
  5. More Information on Remaining with UWF

If you have determined as a local unit to disaffiliate there are some steps to follow.

  1. Unit President is to contact the district president and/or MNO coordinator
  2. Prior to going inactive, offer continued membership to all women in the unit-
  3. Send the name of the unit and all unit members to the district MNO or President and to the National Office indicating who will remain a member of the United Women in Faith and who is no longer interested in membership. The National Office email is membership@uwfaith.org
  4. The local treasurer is to notify both the district and conference treasurers of the discontinuation and maintain communication throughout the process.
  5. The 2023 pledge, and any remaining funds are to be sent to  the district or conference treasurer. Designated giving and projects that were set up during your unit’s 2023 planning process and before the church’s disaffiliation date may be fulfilled. No new designations should be made. It is important to insure that now, as in the past, United Women in Faith funds are not used for the general church budget or church projects.
  6. The local treasurer must send the district and conference treasurers a report of the unit’s giving for the past 4 years. This will be forwarded to the National Office.
  7. If there are designated funds or restricted funds, the local treasurer should send these funds to the National Treasurer along with the original documentation describing how the funds are to be used. National Treasurer- Tamara Clark   tclark@uwfaith.org
  8. The local treasurer shall send copies of the final audit/review financial report to the district treasures or conference treasurer.