Create New Places

Districts in Western PA have begun relationships with districts in the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area (ZEA). Each district in Western PA is paired up with a district in the ZEA. Western PA districts have chosen a project or projects in their partner districts to support financially. District-to-District relationships and projects are as follows: 

Zimbabwe East Annual Conference

·  Franklin District--Makoni-Buhera District

Teachers’ House at the Clare Secondary Mission School

· Butler District--Mutare District

Mutare District parsonage

Gwese United Methodist Church Orphanage Trust

· Indiana District--Marange District

Ringai Church

· Washington District--Mutasa Nyanga District

Old Mutare Mission Chapel

  Mazimauya Church

· Johnstown District--Harare East District

District Ministry Programs

Orphans and Vulnerable Children- Albinism

Zimbabwe West Annual Conference

· Erie-Meadville District--Bulawayo Midlands District

Red Cliff Sanctuary

· Connellsville District--Harare Central District

Nyamacheni Mission School- Gokwe – Phase 1

· Greensburg District--Harare West District

Kariba Church

Kajokoto Church

 · Kane District--Masvingo District

Runyararo West Circuit Sanctuary

 · Pittsburgh District--Mutoko Mudzi District

Revitalization of clinics

Revitalization of Nyadire Mission farm