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Navigating Digital Media

In 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic, many churches began to offer online worship. They were able to reach both members of their congregation and others in their communities and beyond. Many small groups, training events and gatherings moved to virtual formats.

Guide to Copyrights, Licensing, Online Platforms

To help churches understand issues of copyright, licensing and use of online platforms, the Conference released a new guide in March 2021. Funded by the United Methodist Foundation of Western PA, the guide, Navigating the World of Digital Media: Practical Copyright Licensing & Digital Media Strategies for Virtual Ministries, was prepared by copyright attorneys with the firm of Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney. 
It is available in PDF in a two-page reading spread or an 8.5x11" single-page format. 

Social Media Guidelines, Resources

Social media -- particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat -- enable churches to connect with segments of their congregation and community regularly and quickly. But it's important to develop a policy to guide the use of social media in your context. Resource UMC can help. Here's a sampling of key articles.
WPAUMC Social Media Guidelines

The WPAUMC Coordinating Cabinet, on July 1, 2020, adopted new guidelines for use of social media and other online platforms by clergy and lay leaders who represent the United Methodist Church in the Western PA Conference. See Guidelines for Social Media  

Resource UMC is also a great place to find "how-to" information or sign up for online courses to learn specific skills or ways to reach more people. See what's available about connecting online.