Clean Closets for Campers Project

To enroll your church in the Clean Closets program, email                                                                      

Whether you church family has many school aged children or your youth ministry is the outreach to the kids in your community, we all are surrounded by young people that could be spiritually impacted by a week at church camp. Unfortunately, many families are not able to afford the financial costs of this life-changing ministry.  Clean Closets for Campers is a church and community partnership that can close the gap between our youth and the experience of church camp by building up your church’s campership fund.

We can be a part of the faith foundation of a child by simply encouraging our church and community members to cleaning out the closets in their homes.

Being a part of this project is simple and easy because of the great partnership that the camping program has established with Mission Partners. Mission Partners was created by a Western PA United Methodist church member whose family is dedicated to our camping program through volunteerism. Its mission is to help local non-profits raise money and fulfill their missions in the simplest and most effective way possible. They will work hand in hand with your church to collect gently-used clothing, shoes, purses, belts and hats. Once collected, Mission Partners will come to your church, pick up the donations, and give you a check for 50% of the current market value of the goods to go towards your church’s campership fund.

If 50 people each donate 5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, and 5 pairs of shoes your church will have raised enough money to send one child to summer camp. 

Where does the donated clothing go? – Most donated items stay inside the U.S. and are made into reusable rags, eco-friendly insulation for homes, or resold at thrift stores. A small percentage is sent abroad to companies that create local jobs in the resale of affordable clothing.

Clean Closets for Campers costs nothing for your church to implement and sustain; and can be lead by a single volunteer or a small team of volunteers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up for the program online
  2. A packet of promotional material will be sent directly to your church including; brochures/bulletin inserts, bulletin announcements, posters, other promotional material, and a re-order form for brochures.
  3. Your project contact person will receive a phone call directly from Mission Partners to discuss goals, pick-up dates/times, and to set a plan for collection (you can establish a collection room in your church or receive a free collection bin for a parking lot, etc).
  4. Promote and Collect!
  5. Your collection will be picked up and weighed. Then your church will receive a check for 50% of the market value based on weight, so you can give youth from your church and community the opportunity to experience God in the unique Christian community of church camp!)

Are you already a Clean Closets participant and need to schedule a clothing pick up?
Call Mission Partners at 412-715-7192