Summer Internship Opportunities


The conference offers internships for both seminary and college students. 

SUMMER MINISTRY INTERNSHIPS These internships for seminarians provide hands-on, day-to-day, experiences of ministry in Western Pennsylvania.  This will be done by giving all interns the opportunity to preach, teach and participate in church leadership activities.  Additional opportunities specific to an intern’s sense of call will be offered by the host site.

DISCERNMENT INTERNSHIPS Interns will have opportunities to fully participate in hands on, real life ministry so that they may more fully understand the ins and outs of life in ministry. Internships will be designed to guide interns in discerning a possible call to ministry. Specifics of the experience and learning outcomes will be tailored to the intern in consultation with the host site to allow for clearer understanding of the type of ministry the intern is exploring. Possible opportunities include: teaching, preaching, worship planning, pastoral care, youth, children, administration, music, community outreach, missions and more.

All internships begin May 31, 2019 and conclude on August 11. Applications will be accepted until January 31.

For more information and to apply, visit