Congregational Life Director- Suncrest UMC (Morgantown, WV)


This position is charged with creating a new ministry program and discipleship plan.  The vision for the program is a vibrant ministry that fosters an atmosphere of discipleship, extends into the community, includes collaboration with other community churches and conforms to the mission of Suncrest UMC. 

A. A committed Christian with a willingness to grow and is able to convey that faith through conventional and non-conventional means 
B. High moral character and integrity 
C. A Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, Youth Ministry or related field required (or equivalent) 
Experience in an established Christian ministry preferred 
D. An understanding of all age groups of spiritual development 
E. Will have to pass a standard background check and hold a (regular) driver’s license prior to employment 
F. Have (or get within first three months of employment) a first-aid certificate, CPR training, and Safe Sanctuary Training and other safety equipment (AED, fire extinguishers) as well as evacuation procedures 
G. Good verbal and written communication skills, computer communication and social media skills expected 
H. Excellent planning, organizational and scheduling skills 
I. Ability to work cooperatively and empower others 
J. Ability to recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers 
K. Can work on their own, empower and encourage others, build and guide a team, and be a servant leader 
L. Creativity in generating programs that will engage and connect with all ages 
M. Ability to work collaboratively with church staff 


A. Staff Relationships 

1.  Reports directly to the Pastor and Congregational Life Committee.  Must maintain regular and open communication with the Pastor to assist with the effective and efficient operation of the church 

2.  Leads a group of volunteers to successfully minister programming 

3.  Serves in a mutually supportive role with all church staff to ensure smooth transitions for individuals from one group to another and possible joint projects and activities 

4.  Attends staff meetings, leadership team meetings, and Church Council meetings;  leads education team 

B. Major Responsibilities 

1.   Provide direction to the overall programming and events for SUMC 

2.   Develop and execute spiritual formation 

3.   Participate in and oversee the development and administration of programming.  These may include but are not limited to: 
a) Weekly religious education classes and small group meetings 
b) Summer camps 
c) Monthly events 
d) Seasonal mission trips and work teams 
e) Annual growth retreats 

4.   Serve as a mentor and spiritual growth advisor 

5.   Involve all ages in general community activities such as service and outreach 

6.   Assist with confirmation classes and training, as requested 

7.   Recruit, train, and guide volunteers to successfully conduct programming 

8.   Provide regular, timely and meaningful communication 

9.  Prepare information for use on the website/social media, in newsletter/e-letters, in the weekly bulletin, as part of special fliers or other communication, Zoom meetings, etc. 

10. Attend Sunday worship 

11. Arrange for substitute to handle oversight of activities as appropriate when unable to be present 

12. Help set tone for all religious programming in conjunction with other staff members 

13. Prepare an annual work plan with goals, objectives, and resources required (budget) to be shared with appropriate church committees 

14. Participate in the general work of the church as a member of the ministerial team 

15. Attend Church Council meetings to stay abreast of church-wide events


The Congregational Life Director is responsible in his/her performance to the Pastor and Congregational Life Committee.  Annual self/evaluation to be completed with Pastor. 

The Congregational Life Director shall be a full-time, exempt position.  The person shall be compensated with an annual salary commensurate with skills and experience. 

I have read and received a copy of my job description. Job descriptions are a reflection of the job duties of a specific employee  position as assigned at a given point in time.  The assigned duties are not a contract that enshrines the duties performed by an employee. Other duties may be assigned by the supervisor as required.  I understand that this document overrides any verbal discussions of my job responsibilities and that I am expected to perform the duties set forth above.  I further understand that this job description does not constitute an employment contract.  Instead, I understand that I am an at-will employee and that my employment may be terminated at any time.