Here is the list of breakouts coming to SPARK 2022!


  • Youth Ministry Team Info with Pearl Russell, YMT President and other YMT members

Interested in learning what the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) and how you can get involved? Come and meet other youth who are serving the conference with their skills, gifts, and talents and learn what you can bring to the table too. The Youth Ministry Team plans events like SPARK, Uth 4 Missions, and the Youth Caucus at Annual Conference.

  • Anti-Racism: Stories of the Struggle with YMT members

Join us as we share stories about situations that people of color face everyday. How would you handle it? How can we be advocates? These stories will prompt discussion and thoughts about real world situations and how to help.

*Adults who join in are asked to just listen to allow the youth to hold the conversations.

  • Witness The Way You Are Wired, WPA Conference Evangelist Paul Morelli

Do you want to share your faith with others, but aren’t sure how? This session will help you share your faith in a way you are comfortable with. There will be discussion on different evangelism styles so you can find the one that’s right for you!

  • Growing Your Relationship with God, Malorie Landman, YMT SPARK Chair

We know we should read our Bible and pray, but sometimes those things seem so hard! Join Malorie for some advice and discussion about how to grow closer to God and how to make the time needed to grow your relationship with Christ.

  • Teen Mental Health: What’s Going On and How Do I Cope With It? Val Farester, MSW, LCSW 

This will be directed to both teens and leaders! How do we cope when we are struggling with mental health? How do we help a friend? How do we help youth in our youth groups, churches, and communities? Join Val for this important honest and open discussion.

  • Changes in Youth Culture, Mark Oestreicher, SPARK Speaker and founder of The Youth Cartel

All teenagers are wrestling with three tasks: Identity, Purpose and Belonging. But in our current culture, belonging has become the lens through which the other tasks are viewed. Well talk about why this shift occurred, and how we should respond. (For adult leaders only!)