Here is the list of breakouts coming to SPARK 2023!

  • Anti-Racism: What is White Privilege with Cayleigh Gallagher, YMT Vice President and Ayden Miller, YMT Member

Join us as we participate in a hands on activity to demonstrate white privilege and have conversations about what we can do about it. *Adults who join in are asked to just listen to allow the youth to hold the conversations.

  • Youth Ministry Team Info with Pearl Russell, YMT President and Tony Maimone, YMT member

Interested in learning what the Youth Ministry Team (YMT) and how you can get involved? Come and meet other youth who are serving the conference with their skills, gifts, and talents and learn what you can bring to the table too. The Youth Ministry Team plans events like SPARK, Uth 4 Missions, and the Youth Caucus at Annual Conference.

  • Sharing God's Unconditional Love, WPA Conference Evangelist Johnathon Reisinger

Come to this breakout and hear how our broken roads filled with darkness and valleys, can end up full of hope, love, and light with Christ. We will share stories with laughs and tears, and we will see what the unconditional love of God looks like.

  • Coping with Stress and Anxiety, Malorie and Mylie Landman, YMT SPARK Chair and YMT Secretary

Why does life have to be so hard? How do we as youth cope with all the stress from school, work, church, and home? What does God have to say about this? Join other youth in conversation about what worries us and how God wants to help us.

  • Prayer Activities with Jocelyn Willmotte and Olivia Gilligan, YMT Uth 4 Missions co-chair and YMT Youth Caucus Chair

Do you struggle to remember to pray? Do you want to participate in some hands on activities during the breakout sessions? Join Jocelyn and Olivia for a time to make prayer beads and other creative activities that can help us grow our prayer life with God. 

  • How to Be a Christian in 2023 with Evan Washabaugh, YMT Treasurer and Samuel Gilligan, YMT Member

How can you be a Christian in 2023? We can still go through our daily life and still be a strong Christian by worshiping, reading Scripture, and praying. Join Sam and Evan for discussion on how to increase your faith life and stay strong no matter what life throws at you.

  • Leaders Only Breakout, Charlie Conder, SPARK Speaker

This breakout will equip youth leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to be the best leader they can be! Specific topic and discussion will be out soon! (For adult leaders only!)

  • QPR Training

This training will help adult leaders be able to handle a mental health crisis. Thee basic actions: question, persuade and refer can save someone from suicide. This training will take place over 2 breakout sessions to make sure all the content is covered. (For adult leaders only!)