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A Perfect Gift

By WPa United Methodist Women


‘Tis the season for gift giving!  We know the ultimate gift to us was God’s Son. We also know how easy it is to get sucked up in the world’s value system, sometimes using gifts to try to prove our love.   We live in a time of abundance – and of great need; for many, conspicuous consumption – for others, hunger and not enough to make ends meet.  We are bombarded with so much information, it’s tough to sort it all out.  So, many times we take the easy way out, ignoring what we say we believe. We ...


By Susan Moudry


“We live in a time when there is more talk of walls than bridges, more fear about being stuck in gridlock rather than seeing a way across or through,” wrote Rev. Alfred Day, executive for the United Methodist Church's  General Commission on Archives and History, in a recent newsletter.  Many of us would echo that statement.  Whether it’s the political climate, internal struggles in our own church, or simply our changing communities, we see the fear and we see the gridlock.   Recently I have ...

UMW Assembly Update

By WPa United Methodist Women


From Diane Miller, Conference UMW President You are important messengers!  Whether or not you attend Assembly (Columbus, OH May 17-20, 2018), the gathering of United Methodist Women held every four years, you can invite and enable others to attend – with information, encouragement and assistance in finding funding.  You might even register for someone who doesn’t have a computer or is uncertain about how to register online.  (If not you, Faith Geer or Diane Miller will gladly perform this ...

Report from the Mission Field: Nicaragua 2017

By Jessica Speer


  Nicaragua Trip 11/07/17 It is with excitement that I begin to journal our experience here in Nicaragua.  If today is any indication of what is to come, I know that God  is preparing us for great things. Today we used our 3.5 hours of travel time to begin bonding as a team. The ride was filled with laughter as Marcia and I began to learn how to count to 10 in German and we shared many other cultural differences with each other.  With a stop at a local smoothie place we continued ...


By Brian Bauknight


A lot is spoken (and written) today regarding a growing sense of nationalism in America: economic nationalism, America first nationalism, isolationism, nativism, and such.  Comments come regularly out of Washington, out of social media, and even out of some Christian faith-based leaders. I tire of such talk. I don’t know much about the particulars of our economic and trade structures.  I don’t know exactly what trade deficits mean or how to interpret the GNP, GDP, or the findings of the CBO.  ...

Fit to Be Tithed

By Brian Bauknight


I learned about tithing when I was 11 years old—when I had my first paper route in the Pittsburgh suburbs.  My parents talked about tithing freely and naturally as a part of dinner table conversation. I also learned how deeply passionate my parents were about this spiritual discipline.  And spiritual discipline is what tithing is!  Much like prayer or devotional practices or regular worship or even fasting, tithing is a spiritual matter. And yet many churches fail to acknowledge or talk about ...


By Susan Moudry


“We live in a time when there is more talk of walls than bridges, more fear about being stuck in gridlock rather than seeing a way across or through,” writes Rev. Fred Day, General Secretary of the UMC Commission on Archives and History, in the Commission's recent enewsletter.  In his article, he tells the story of a church in changing neighborhood that almost met its end because of a bridge project -- and how a small group of people saved it by moving that bridge. That's not the whole story. To...

Right on the Money

By Brian Bauknight


It is that time of year!  A season when many or even most churches begin to talk about budgets and income and giving for the next calendar year.  Unless, of course, some official word or unspoken edict is widely understood: “We do not talk about money in this church.”   No position could be more inappropriate to the Good News.  About 500 verses in the Bible are about prayer.  Another approximate 500 verses are about faith!  But over 2000 verses are about money and possessions.  Jesus spoke more ...

Renew, Invent and Reinvent

By Brian Bauknight


Amid some continuing unemployment and rampant underemployment, we hear continuously discomforting news from the working world.  One analyst says: jobs are never coming back; companies have learned how to produce—and even grow—with fewer employees.  Another says: robotics and computers are radically changing how we manufacture; thus companies need fewer humans on the job.  Now, more recently, a commentator said something like this: Employers today are looking to hire persons who can renew, ...

Destination: Nowhere?

By Edward Bailey


Last month I had the pleasure, as I so often do, to visit a church that some might think to be in the middle of “nowhere”. One of the blessings of Western Pennsylvania is that you do not have to travel far to be in the middle of “nowhere”. I arrived at the white-framed church, like many across the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference, at 6 o’clock in the evening, and met with the Finance Committee for an update on church “business” and to learn how the United Methodist Foundation might be ...

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