Smith Center Update

United Women in Faith



Last December, the Ruth M Smith Center Board of Directors had to decide whether the Smith Center could continue its ministry to vulnerable adults and children. The Center was home to 26 adults, none of whom could afford to pay their full way, and a Preschool/Day Care for young children in the area. 

Deeply in debt, the Smith Center could not continue unless more funding was found.  The Board took a step of faith and with determination looked for new financial support, more grants, and more generous giving by individuals and churches. They discovered some funding available from the state, additional grants, and churches and adults who recognized the need and gave generously.  We discovered the importance of telling the stories of the Smith Center ministry, and a new web site now becomes one of our tools.  Check it out at
As long as the Smith Center provides a home to those unable to afford a home, we need your assistance.  Please be our advocates and help us tell others about the vital ministry of the Smith Center.  Show your gratitude for a multitude of blessings this season by making a donation to the Ruth M Smith Center ( 

The Ruth M. Smith Center is a national mission institution of the United Methodist Women.


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