Safe Gatherings

Chris Kindle



As the Coordinator of Discipleship and Spiritual Formation for the Conference, I have been doing Safe Sanctuary and Mandated Reporter training for the last eight years. I have enjoyed traveling throughout Western Pennsylvania and being able to share how we can keep our children, youth and vulnerable adults safe.
This year, the quadrennial training for Western PA clergy focused on Safe Sanctuaries and Mandated Reporting. It was provided by Safe Gatherings. 

Safe Gatherings was formed in 2012 in the former Kansas East Annual Conference (now Great Plains Annual  Conference) to help carry out the General Conference mandate to care and protect children, youth and vulnerable adults. In 2015 Safe Gatherings expanded to work with other organizations, assisting them in preventing abuse. They are currently serving over 9,000 churches and organizations across 42 states, including multiple denominations.
I have been asked by more than a few church leaders if it is possible to utilize Safe Gatherings in their own church. The answer is an absolute yes! My experience in working with Safe Gatherings has been wonderful and the training they offer is in-depth and easy to understand.
If you have ever wondered if there was an “on-demand” tool for the training of your Sunday school teachers, youth workers or VBS volunteers, wonder no more! Safe Gatherings is an affordable option that is worth looking into for all of your training needs. The price per individual for the training program available through the Safe Gatherings website is $24.

NOTE: Clergy who still need to complete their quadrennial training with Safe Gatherings should select the organization name of Clergy-Western PA Conference”.


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