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no, these aren't really Sarah's glasses
Let me invite you to read someone else’s mail – without feeling guilty.  The following is an email I sent to my daughter, Carrie, who lives near Philadelphia.  I asked if my granddaughter, Sarah, might come visit me in July and go with me to Children’s Mission u.  I’m so excited.  Carrie said yes. I’ll pick up Sarah the beginning of the week of Mission u; Carrie will come to California the Sunday Mission u ends and take her home.  I’m hooked on Mission u and excited to be sharing with family. You’ll find details in the email if you want to invite a significant child in your life…

Dear Carrie,

I’d like to invite Sarah to join me for Mission u.  There’s a Children’s Mission u (for kids K-grade 5) that runs parallel to the adult school and your Aunt Candy and cousin, Brandy, are co-teaching the Children’s School.  Candy and Brandy are such gifted teachers those kids will have a real treat.  Last year there were a couple of times the children and their significant adults did an activity together.  That was a success  and I think they’ll be doing it again.
Mission u runs from July 21-24 at California University of PA, 250 University Ave, California, PA.

Youth Mission u begins 2 days earlier - for kids grade 6 through high school.  They split into middle school and high school groupings in case AJ might be interested.  They do lots of hands-on outreach stuff during the morning and early afternoon, then bond with free time and have worship, music, and lessons in the evening.

Children eat meals and sleep in the room with the person who brought them (grandmother, mother, etc).  Youth stay with other youth and come together with the rest of the gathering for meals. The rooms where we sleep include two single beds and a bathroom and they’re air conditioned!

We can work out all kind of options for transport. The following site will let you see what's included/offered:

Call if you need more info...
Much love,   Mom


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