Keeping Kids Safe

Chris Kindle



You may have seen the recent commercials for It is a wonderful resource for the many volunteers we have in our churches.

There is information on mandated reporters, child abuse clearances and a wonderful “frequently asked question” page. I am thankful that our state is again reminding us of the importance of keeping our children, youth and volunteers safe.

All volunteers having contact with children must obtain the Act 33 clearance (PA Childline child abuse history clearance) and the Act 34 (State Police criminal clearance). The good news is that as of July 2016, these clearances are free to volunteers and are good for 5 years.

Additionally for all volunteers you must (1) obtain an FBI criminal background check if you have not been a PA resident for the last 10 years or (2) fill out the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers. The Disclosure Statement is to be kept on file along with the clearances in the church office. The disclosure statement can be found through a link at or on the Keep Kids Safe website at

For additional help, further clarification or to schedule a training, please contact me at 724.776.2300 x233 or


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