Basics and a Call for Questions

Grace Killian



I have realized that I sometimes forget that as I’m learning more and more, not everyone is learning with me. I’m afraid this means that in conversations with people about my placement site, I act like everyone knows what I know and has seen what I have seen. Of course, this is impossible unless I blog more often and share my experiences. At the same time, however, blogging about life here and what I am learning is nothing short of overwhelming. Where could I possibly begin? There’s a saying here that if you come for a few days, you will write a book. If you come for a few months, you will write an article. If you come for a few years, you will be so confused you will not be able to write anything. The complexities of the occupation, of the history, and of simply living life here become more apparent everyday.

But I must start somewhere. And while it is overwhelming, I feel the tug to share more and more.

So we can start with the basics. Everyone comes into discussions of Palestine and Israel with different levels and areas of knowledge. I have found the video below helpful as a basic introduction. As a disclaimer, I know that many of you who may be reading this already have strong opinions about Jewish Voices for Peace, good or bad. I am not trying to invalidate those opinions, neither am I claiming that this video is without bias, but please set aside any preconceived notions and take the video as a simplistic explanation to serve as a sort of primer.


For everyone, let us keep in mind, however, that it is SIMPLE. That is the point of it but that also means that it can only be the beginning. It is a starting place to delve deeper and understand more. Therefore, PLEASE ask me questions. I’m serious – right now. Put them in the comments, email me, message me on facebook. Let me know what you want to know. It can be about politics, explanations, opinions, culture – anything. I may not know where to start but you know what questions you have.

There is no question too basic or silly or even controversial. I trust you to refrain from belligerency and cruelty. I will do my best to answer them over time. I am no expert on this issue still so my answer may be “I don’t know. Let me try to find out.” or “I am torn over that issue myself.” I am still learning too, I am just bringing you along for the ride.

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