Staying Connected

Dawn Lynn Check



I’m sitting in a training session. There is no Wi-Fi. NONE. No connection. No Internet. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. No connection with the outside world. 

I should be paying attention. But there is no Wi-Fi. No connection. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram.

What if there is breaking news? What if someone sends me an email that needs my immediate attention?

I should pay attention to the training…I should look up.

NO WI-FI!!! I can’t even dive off into candy crush or solitaire or see what is happening on 

Ok. Pay attention. Back to the training. Focus. FOCUS!!! I should look up…

Our phones (our smart phones) have become our security blankets. They are the tools we use to work, socialize, learn and play. We rely on them in ways we don’t fully understand until…until we don’t have a connection. 

A friend of mine just lost her dad recently. The family didn’t go to church often. In fact, they joked that they were members of Bedside Baptist. Now with this death, they were on the proverbial shifting sand. They spent so many years living on the fringes. Now they needed to connect with God but were lost. 

In their grief, they didn’t know how to reboot. They were looking for a connection and couldn’t find it. They didn’t know how to articulate what they needed and they drifted further into their pain.

God can’t be “something” we do on the side. God has to be our life—every breath, every moment, every thought. We can’t just pay attention when it’s convenient to us.

We spend more time checking our Facebook page then we do our spiritual page. We condense our feelings into Twitter’s 140 characters. We snap pictures to show our Instagram followers what we are seeing rather than participating sometimes. 

It’s hard to stay centered. We get on a kick and then we drop it. How many of us have given up our New Year’s resolution? We get all fired up and then BOOM! It’s gone! We are chasing the next thing that catches our attention. 

Where is God on your priority list? How focused are you on keeping connected with your Creator?

For many of us we don’t miss the connection until we don’t HAVE the connection.

Alright, I really have to focus on this training. REALLY. 

Wait. What???!!! It’s over? I missed it? The training? 

See? Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans…some Beatle said that. Stay focused. Stay connected. Keep loving and look up!


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