I can’t believe I’m seeing THIS!

Dawn Lynn Check



“I can’t believe I’m seeing THIS in church!” exclaimed the little boy. He looked at his dad to confirm that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. When his dad reassured him, the boy looked at the other adults and kids in the room. 

He grabbed a friend’s hand. “Can you believe this? Can you?”

Tuesday night is Kids’ Club and Youth Group at our church. I was dropping my daughter off and decided to take two of my canine sidekicks—Frankie, a miniature beagle, and Daisy, a Cairn terrier mix. 

The little boy looked up at me as he held Daisy, “This is the best: Dogs in church! How did this happen? Is this really happening?”

We talk about hospitality, and I look at how easy it is for my dogs to be welcomed. Yet, it surprised my young friend that a dog could come to church and be welcomed. 

What’s a dog doing here? Do they belong?

Many people walk through our doors and feel less than worthy. How do we receive them? Imagine if we welcomed them with the same enthusiasm as this young boy did!

The boy’s delight just bubbled over. Soon we were all talking about dogs and cats and how our pets made us feel. Daisy and Frankie were the center of attention and loving every minute of it. 

As I gathered my furry friends up to head back to the youth room, my friend shouted, “Can they come back? Please? This was the best day at church…EVER!”

I smiled. “Frankie and Daisy will see you next week. Will you be here?”

“Yes! I can’t miss now!” he squealed. “This is just the coolest place.”


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