Airplane Prayer

Stephanie Gottschalk



I recently had eight flight segments in one week (a personal record) while leading a Conference Young Adult VIM team to the Bahamas. 

This frequency of take-offs and landings in six days brought home to me the importance of a spiritual ritual that I’ve developed over the years. There is a prayer that I pray every time I fly just as we are about to take off. I’ve never had a fear of flying, but I recognize that for the time period of the flight, my life is bound up in the actions and well-being of the pilots, the crew, the other passengers, and the plane.  For me, that is a metaphor for life and faith while on this earth and a holy reminder to call on Jesus as my Lord. 

So I share the simple prayer I say with you - pray it yourself or get inspired to write your own!

Stephanie’s Airplane Prayer 
(to be prayed at take-off. The urgency of the taxi leading to lift-off adds something to the words and the sentiment. )

God of Land, Sea, and Sky, 
Thank you for mercies so far on this journey...
(list them or leave it at that.) 

Bless all your children in the sky this day.  Watch over us all and help us to reach our destinations safely. Be with the pilots, crew, and airport workers. Give them guidance, wisdom, and strength. 

Guide this plane through the air and carry us by your Holy Spirit.  Help me to give myself to you completely with the same trust that I give this airplane. Jesus, it is really you who holds my life in your hands. Free my spirit to go wherever you take me and to be an instrument of your grace and love. 



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