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Denise Nicole Stone, a co-founder and member of Unstoppable in Western PA, has been elected a Director of United Methodist Women.  The UMW Board of Directors consists of 25 members and is responsible for managing the organization’s program policies, finances, property and its top executive staff person.  At 19 years of age, Denise becomes the youngest of those 25 women.

UMW President Diane Miller and Denise Stone

Since she first attended the Children’s School of Mission (now Mission u) at age 5, Denise has been “learning the issues, finding her voice, and changing the world” (the motto of Unstoppable).  As she grew older, she continued to attend School of Mission/Mission u, UMW Assemblies, and was sent by the WPA UMW to a national young women’s event at Duke University five years ago. Denise has been a voting member of Annual Conference since 2013.

Add in international travel with the Jurisdiction (India) and Conference (Zimbabwe and Costa Rica), and completing her first year at Boston University, and you discover a remarkable young woman.

At Annual Conference this year, she told the members in plenary about Unstoppable and issued an invitation...  

“We deepen in relationships with one another and grow in our spirituality.  It is an informative and inspiring weekend. When you look at the story of Unstoppable, the importance of invitation is unmistakable. I firmly believe that every life changing experience begins with an invitation. The invitation to Mission U all those years ago expanded my worldview, introduced me to lifelong friends and set the course for the creation of Unstoppable.

"Unstoppable attendees have shared that the invitation to Unstoppable introduced them to a community in which they learned more about the world and our faith connection, and felt comfortable as they found their voice and they gained the confidence to speak up. And I’m sure you all have your own stories of how an invitation altered the course of your life.  Invitations matter.

"So I’m leaving you with an assignment. Extend the invitation. Everyone sitting in this room knows a young woman for whom unstoppable could be a life changing, horizons expanding event. Maybe it’s your friend, your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter…maybe it’s you. Offer the invitation and watch the BEAUTIFUL, UNSTOPPABLE things that happen.”

Register online or mail in the form in the brochure:


United Methodist Women is organized as an independent agency of The United Methodist Church with a modified board structure to meet the changing needs of women organized for mission.The board now consists of 25 members (from 50) and is responsible for managing the organization’s program policies, finances, property and its top executive staff person. Twenty members were elected through jurisdictional channels and five through a nominations process to ensure diversity of age, race, language, physical ability and working status.


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