Meet Generation Z!

Jessica Gamache



Those who provide ministry for and with youth have spent a large amount of energy trying to understand this generation that we call the “Millennials.” The Millennials are the most researched generation in history. We know what makes them tick. We know what draws them in and drives them forward. Many of our youth ministries, including camping, provide experiences and opportunities that hit the sweet spot of everything that a Millennial wants. So why is it that participation in youth ministries like camping has been in a steady decline over the past ten to fifteen years? 

One big factor in this phenomenon is the fact that the Millennials who we  have been working so hard to market to are no longer youth.  The Millennial generation, aging from 20- to 37-years-old, has reach adulthood. Generation Z, ages 19 and under, are today’s youth. And there is a large difference in the attitudes, goals, and culture between Millennials and Generation Z. Check out this infographic by Sparks & Honey, from Marketo Blog, which explores this new generation and their views of the world.
  Generation Z Marketings Next Big Audience

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