Top 10 Reasons to Attend Youth Workers Conference

Renaye Hoffman



The second annual Pittsburgh Youth Workers Conference takes place on Oct. 30, 2015 at Christ Church at Grove Farm. There's a good group going from our Conference. 

You can register directly on the event website  The featured speakers are Doug Fields and Walt Mueller.

Why should you go?

The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, which sponsors the event, offers these Top 10 Reasons: 

1) Human Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots – yes, we’re doing this!
2) Great breakout sessions – taught by local youth pastors
3) The Resource Swap – bring some stuff, take some stuff!
4) 200 colleagues in ministry & more time to hang out
5) Doug Fields & Walt Mueller – enough said!
6) Special Interest Lunches – lunch with a purpose
7) Excellent sponsors – with a lot to offer your ministry!
8) Panels – get several perspectives on a topic
9) Download Youth Ministry bonus – details coming
10) Human hungry hungry hippo – and some prizes!


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