Power Transfer

Brian Bauknight



Over the past six months we have made some significant changes in the way we receive and use electrical power in our home and on our property.  First, we added a vertical windmill (Windstax.com).  Power from the wind is brought into the house, then utilized directly OR stored in two large batteries in case of commercial power outages.
The wind turbines, however, are not sufficient to power the house completely.  So we added four large solar panels to the roof — carefully positioned to face the right direction.  The theory is that we can generate power from the sun during the day and power from the wind any time there is a breeze or wind above 3 mph.
However, a small problem occurred.  A clump birch tree stands to the east of the solar panels, making any generation of energy from the morning sun (until at least late morning) difficult, if not impossible. Thus (I am told) the clump birch must be topped or come down. Since we are not equipped to do “tree topping,” and since paying professionals to do this would be cost prohibitive, we have decided to take the tree down.
I really like a clump birch tree.  I find it somewhat fascinating and attractive.  In fact, we planted another one a few years ago at another spot on the property.  We will take down the energy-blocking tree with a bit of sadness.  BUT….it will provide some good firewood for the coming winter season. 
All of this will take us further (but not completely, yet) off of fossil fuels…and represents a sort of “transfer of power” around here.
Is this not a small parable for the way God works among us on the Christian journey?

We bring a limited supply of energy and strength into this life.  By leaning into the Divine Energy, we are given spiritual gifts to enhance, multiply, and strengthen our capacity for effective discipleship. Power from God moves through us for new possibilities in ways we might not otherwise imagine.  The transfer of this kind of power is more efficient and productive—and in keeping with God’s Kingdom purposes.
Jesus promises (Acts 1:8), “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.”  That power is precious and life-enhancing. 
Discover that power. Celebrate it.  Nurture it.  Help others discover and nurture their own.  It is a power grid like no other.  The power transfer is relatively simple once you know about it.  And it can make a world of difference.


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