Key to Success: Pray, Put Christ First

Susan Moudry



Earlier this month, the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women, offered the first in a series of lunch and learn gatherings. Hosted on zoom, participants heard from Dr. Larine Cowan who drew on her deep experience to offer 10 Top Principles for women’s success at work.

Dr. Cowan is retired after a distinguished career, including service as Assistant Chancellor and Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at the University of Illinois.
Her wisdom focused on praying often and putting Christ first -- her first principle for success. Every principle she offered came with specific suggestions, like: 

  • Identify someone doing what you want to do and apply what they know;
  • What you think of yourself, you will present to the world;
  • Create a diverse team, when possible, as this increases our knowledge base; and
  • Bring others alongside and help them prepare. 
The conversation that followed Dr. Cowan’s presentation was rich with wisdom, as well. Laura Greer noted that it’s never too late. You can always change, prepare and look for new opportunities where God is working. Never underestimate yourself and what’s ahead, Greer encouraged those gathered.

Marge Stephens added that women need to remember why they are doing what they do. Remember your purpose, Stephens said, as it will help you rise to the occasion!
Take a look at Dr. Cowan's Top Ten Success Principles for Career Women on the GCSROW website. And remember her main thing:  “To be successful, do everything through Christ.”
GCSROW's next Women's Leadership Summit Lunch and Learn will focus on Welcoming a Woman Pastor. It's scheduled for Thursday, July 8 at 1p.m. ET.  Download flier with Zoom details. 


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