Sanctuary Flower Alternatives

Disability Concerns Committee



By Kristen Sands, Co-Chair, Conference Committee on Disability Concerns

Every Easter, sanctuaries around the world are bursting with beautiful blooms.  The lilies, hyacinths, tulips, and other spring flowers just add a certain something to our celebrations. However, there’s another certain something they add – allergens! 

As time-honored and lovely this tradition is, the Conference Committee on Disability Concerns urges the congregations of the WPAUMC to look in a new direction this year, so that all may participate in worship in good health.  We’ve put together a few suggestions for your church to consider. 

  1. Use artificial flowers – they’re just as beautiful and will last for many years.
  2. Limit the selection available to less pollen-heavy flowers, so fewer allergens are in the air.
  3. Move the display outside – There are no restrictions on the types of flowers available, and the whole community can enjoy them.
  4. In lieu of flowers entirely, collect donations to be used for annuals and perennials to be planted on the church grounds.
  5. Collect donations and send them to the Disability Awareness Sunday fund. Disability Awareness Sunday is in late February, but it's not too late to donate or receive an offering. All monies in this fund go back to the churches in the WPAUMC in the form of Accessibility Grants.  The Grants assist our congregations in upgrading the churches and parsonages so that all facilities are not merely accommodating, but inclusive.  For more information on our Accessibility Grants, please visit our webpage at
If your church comes up with a different idea, we’d love to hear it!  Send them to Kristen at


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