Lessons in Leadership From Business

Susan Moudry



Perhaps the adage, “I am my father’s daughter,” is true. You see my father is a businessman through and through, an attribute passed on from his father. He spent his whole career in business with one company, a feat rarely achieved today. So, much of what I know of leadership has been learned from him and through the lens of the business world. I’ve come to realize that’s a blessing.
You see, the business world has much to offer the church in these days; just as the church has much to offer business. To that end, as we continue to navigate leadership in crisis, I’ve reviewed and collected a few resources here that might not be on your usual line up, each with a brief note to pique your interest. I encourage you to read at least one and consider how the ideas can inform how you are leading. Then talk with someone about the opportunities that exist in your setting and start work on a plan to bring them to reality.

  • Thriving in Times of Uncertainty by Vanessa Akhtar and Gaurav Gupta
  • "If you want to not only survive, but thrive during periods of great change, hunkering down to weather the storm is just about the worst thing you can do.”
  • Leading Through Crisis by Gaurav Gupta 
  • Discusses the ideas of survive and thrive further, with examples of how to lessen survive responses and encourage change opportunities.
  • Finding Opportunity on the Complicated Road Ahead, by C. J. Prince
  • This is an interview with David Komlos who uses Jaws to discuss times companies are going to need a bigger boat. He says this pandemic is just that.
  • Disruptive Change: When Trying Harder is Part of the Problem by Clark Gilbert & Joseph Bower 
  • This article is dense, with lots of real life business examples, but the section on framing the issue is particularly helpful. How is a challenge perceived, as a threat or opportunity? The authors argue a balanced, nuanced approach is needed. Additionally, we need to acknowledge we are all living through disruptive change, externally imposed. What we do with that internally is the leadership issue at hand. 
A common thread in all these articles is opportunity amidst crisis and uncertainty. Are you looking for the opportunities? They are there and waiting to be answered. More importantly, God is there and waiting to be engaged. “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19a)
Now is the time, no matter if you are a church leader or a business leader. Seize the day!


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