Lessons in Leadership: Into the Unknown

Susan Moudry



A song has been playing on repeat in my head these last few weeks:  “Into the unknown, into the unknown, into the unknown.” I’ve actually believed all along that this hit song from Frozen 2 is rich with theological depth. (Seriously, go listen to it and consider the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.) But the reason I can’t get it out of my head as of late is because in every meeting I have been a part of recently someone utters these words: “Into the unknown.”

That is very much where we are as leaders. Afraid of where we are going, kept awake by the uncertainties and worried about getting distracted from our mission. Yet, we can’t stay where we are; we have to keep on going. We need people willing to lead out into the unknown. We need leaders to help our people through this crisis.
To that end, here are a few resources for your journey. It’s time to start leading through, not just managing day to day. It’s time to take the long view, because we don’t know what’s going to come next. And it’s time to model new ways of being, not feed our own anxieties. I encourage you to check out at least one of the following links and spend time in prayer considering the thoughts and advice offered.

If you find you need a conversation partner, or some further resourcing around how to lead through this crisis, please reach out to me or another WPAUMC staff member. We are here for you and will be glad to walk with you “into the unknown.”
You see, if I can take some liberties by making another theological point with a Frozen 2 song, Christ will meet us there and empower us through the Spirit to do the work. We will be found as leaders whom Christ has called for this very moment. So:  “Show yourself. Step into your power. Throw yourself into something new.”  Be the leader God calls you to be and lead the church through this crisis.


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