Haiti-Mt. Lebanon VIM Team- #3

Diane Miller



Thor, Carrefour, Mellier

At 4:15 and we melted into our beds – power resting after visiting leaders of the Methodist churches at Thor, Carrefour, and Mellier. 

One of my questions:  Is it worse for you now than before the earthquake (Jan, 2010)?  The answer came back, “Yes.”  Unemployment is worse now than then; poverty seems greater.  I wonder if all the international and church promises of assistance came in the wrong way – came as relief without moving on to educating, training and empowering people to become self-sufficient.  Many have told us they want to work.  There are no jobs.  People live hand to mouth and bribery is rampant.  How do you start a business without the assurance of a fair playing field?  Where do you get the capital you need to buy inventory.  Who’s got any money to buy what you offer?  I think UMCOR has been trying to help without hurting – to empower.  The Methodist Church of Haiti is now including community outreach options along with construction for team projects.
We are discovering the immense magnitude of need, with the church positioned to help – without the resources to do it.

From Team Member Kathleen Amant…

“Today we visited three churches in Pastor Ralph’s nine-church circuit, two of which we will be serving through Vacation Bible School and English classes, beginning tomorrow.   The purpose of these visits was:
  1. To meet the church leaders and to begin building relationships.  Some team members took notes as we asked questions seeking ways we could begin a supportive email dialogue.  (Further info will follow in another blog.)
  2. To speak with the teachers with whom we will be sharing our Bible School activities.  We are anticipating a certain amount of creative and blessed chaos on this joint bi-lingual adventure.  Stay tuned for more.
Now the challenge of getting a blog out to those praying for this team!  The electricity went out as we were eating dinner.  We switched to the invertor – a battery that had been charging.  We had electricity to finish dinner, complete our devotions and team reflections, and prep for tomorrow’s Bible School and English lessons.
It was dark when I walked next door to the Cyber Café.  The young man in charge was trying to unlock the door in the dark – and not having much luck.  My computer screen shed light on the lock – and then assisted in gassing up the generator, starting it, plugging in a long extension cord, and getting things started in the Café.  Living in Haiti is a challenge in the best of times.  Too bad many are still stuck in the worst of times.  Keep us in your prayers…


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