“Jesus called out to them, ‘Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!’”  -- Matthew 4:19

At The Lake Ministries offers opportunities for guests to experience the beauty of Lake Erie while on the water, to build relationships, and to relax in the context of a loving environment. Supported by the Western PA Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, which purchased the vessel, At The Lake Ministries hopes to provide a place of retreat and recreation for families, groups, and individuals to support one another in a Christ-like fashion.

Located in Port Erie, Erie, PA, At The Lake Ministries caters to any person or group with disabilities and/or special needs. We seek to offer experiences that communicate love and value for our guests and provide a safe space aboard the Jo-Ann M where you and your loved ones can enjoy Lake Erie and all that it offers.

For more information, and the latest updates, visit atthelakeministries.org.

About the Jo-Ann M

The Jo-Ann M is a spacious boat (53 ft long by 18 ft wide) and is a U.S. Coast Guard-inspected passenger vessel outfitted with up-to-date navigational electronics and safety equipment. We offer an accessible head (bathroom), flexible seating arrangements, and a wheelchair ramp to assist with boarding. Blankets (including a weighted blanket) are available along with noise-cancelling headphones. Life jackets are provided (both adult and child sizes) along with all fishing gear and bait. (You are welcome to bring your own gear if you prefer.) Food is encouraged, so please bring snacks!

Schedule a Charter

Our goal is to make Lake Erie accessible to you and your family. The charter fee is $40 per person; however, scholarships are available depending on the circumstance. Charter dates are listed on www.atthelakeministries.org. Email atthelakeministries@gmail.com or call 814-657-4024 to make a reservation. Our ministry to those with disabilities and special needs can include school trips, birthday parties, and family gatherings (such as reunions).

Support At The Lake Ministries

You are invited to support this ministry through a donation. Use the donation page or send a check to At The Lake Ministries/WPAUMC and mail directly to the United Methodist Center, 1204 Freedom Rd., PO Box 5002, Cranberry Township, PA  16066-0002 with “ATLM Support” listed on the memo line.

Contact Rev. Rob Wilson, Executive Director, at 814-657-4024 with any questions. 

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