One of the unique and defining factors of the United Methodist Church is that we are Connectional. One way we show this connection is through apportioned giving.

Apportioned giving is a term which describes how the money you give to your church each week is divided and distributed throughout the United Methodist Church. Through you and your support of apportioned giving, we are able to participate in the ministry and mission of the United Methodist Church both locally and around the world.


2020 Connectional Apportionment

Legislation was passed at the 2020 Annual Conference to adopt a new, income-based apportionment formula.
We believe that an income-based apportionment formula is more Biblically sound, and is a first step in better aligning apportionments with congregational giving. The use of adjustment factors have been eliminated in an effort to make the calculation more straightforward.

Reporting guidelines and FAQ about connectional apportionment

2023 Connectional Apportionment (change dropdown for previous years)