2019 Appointments

Appointments effective July 1, except where noted.

Sorted by Announced Date

Richter to Serve New Marienville Charge

Announced: 03-01-2019

About Dan Richter
Daniel G. Richter was raised in a very prayerful household.  His wife Pam also brings a prayer warrior status to any church they have been appointed.  Dan is a graduate of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and has 39 years of service in a variety of contexts. He brings an emphasis on prayer and family togetherness on which he and the churches he serves build ministry together.  Mutual ministry to Dan means finding God’s journey for us amid pathways we like to travel and those we would rather not travel. 
Dan’s personal mission statement is key to every aspect of his spiritual or earthly endeavors: 1) God has us right where he wants us – in the palm of his hands; 2) God has prepackaged us with everything we need.  Strive diligently to discover the uniqueness of you; and use it to glorify God.

Dan and Pam have been married for almost 33 years and have two great children and two lively grandchildren.  Pam enjoys reading and doing puzzles, while Dan enjoys woodworking, jewelry and soap making, and crocheting.  Together they love travel and going to the beach and hope to retire in that setting.
About Marienville Charge
On March 1, 2019 Marienville and Greenwood welcomed Tylersburg as part of a newly formed three-point charge in the Kane District.  Bishop Cynthia Moore Koikoi has appointed Rev. Daniel Richter as the pastor of the charge.

Marienville United Methodist Church is located on the fringes of the beautiful Allegheny National Forest in Marienville, PA.  We are a small membership church with a big heart.  We are a church of Open Hearts!  Open Minds!  and Open Doors!

As one of the sister churches of the Marienville United Methodist charge, the Greenwood UMC is the most rurally located of the three. This beautiful small country church is nestled in an area not far from the prestigious virgin pines of the Cook Forest State Park. With Cook Forest State Park just a stone’s throw away, the Greenwood UMC is an ideal destination point for campers and full time campground residents alike who wish to worship at a small friendly church with a welcoming atmosphere. This rustic 100-year plus church has a long history of service to not only the surrounding community, but in giving through mission work to those across the US and the globe. The Greenwood UMC is definitely making a difference in this world in which we all live. Greenwood UMC is also well known in the area for their annual Strawberry Festival, as well as their Yard Sale/Bake Sale fundraisers. Folks from near and far always look forward to these annual events and they let them know it too. The Greenwood UMC may be small in numbers, but they do have a lot to offer, whether it is a firm handshake or a heartfelt hug when you enter its doors, you are sure to feel welcomed into the fold. And once you enter those large red front doors of the church, you are not considered strangers, but you are now part of Greenwood UMC’s brothers and sisters in Christ.
The Tylersburg United Methodist Church, located on St. Route 36 in Tylersburg, PA, has been in God’s hands since its establishment in 1900.  TUMC is a small county church that has served many families in the rural community of Tylersburg and surrounding areas.  It has been a part of a multi-point charge within the Kane District for many years.  TUMC is transitioning to a three-point charge with Greenwood United Methodist Church and Marienville United Methodist Church.  TUMC worship services are Sundays at 8:15 am.  The church opens its doors to host dinners, weddings, funeral dinners, Easter egg hunts, VBS, community club meetings and baby showers, to name a few.  The church also supports other non-profit organizations such as the Ruth M Smith Center, charitable deeds and area food banks.  The church would like to extend an invitation to anyone wishing to attend. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome.