2022 Appointments

Appointments effective July 1, except where noted.

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Leslie Foland to Serve Diamond/Tryonville Charge

Announced: 06-19-2022
About Leslie M. Foland
Leslie M. Foland will be assigned to supply the Diamond/Tryonville Charge beginning July 1, 2022.  She succeeds her husband, Local Pastor Richard Foland, who will begin serving Meadville: Grace Woodcock.  Leslie was born at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Western Ohio and she grew up in Exmouth, Western Australia. She wasn’t raised in the church. She graduated from Clarion-Limestone High School and holds two associate degrees, one in Carpentry and Construction Technology’s and one in Business Marketing and Management.
Leslie only recently began exploring her call to ministry with the help of her pastor, Rev. Roseanne Oliver. She has decided to fully submit to the Holy Spirit, to let go and follow wherever God leads her. Leslie’s exploration of her call will be strengthened by the opportunity to supply the the Diamond Evangelical and Tryonville churches as she pursues candidacy as a licensed pastor. 
Leslie is married to Richard; they have nine children and nine grandchildren, one of whom they are raising. They consider themselves to be a team in every possible way and enjoy spending devotional time together. They believe that sharing time with God draws them closer to Him and to each other.
About Diamond/Tryonville Charge
Evangelical United Methodist Church
The Evangelical United Methodist Church of Titusville is in the rural village of Diamond, west of the city on route 27.  This historic Church has deep roots in the Evangelical United Brethren wing of our denomination.  The congregation has a deep sense of community that is centered in their common faith in Jesus Christ.  Meaningful Christian fellowship, vital worship, biblical preaching and Christian education are key components of their ministry.  
Tryonville UMC
The Tryonville United Methodist Church is a small, family oriented congregation in the rural village of Tryonville, north of Titusville.  The congregation has a strong desire to reach its neighbors for Jesus Christ.  Like their partners on the Charge, they value vital worship and leadership that will help them fulfill their mission to make Disciples.

Bruce Davis to serve Norrisville UMC

Announced: 05-22-2022
About Bruce Davis
Retired Elder Bruce, a graduate of Asbury College and Asbury Theological Seminary, was ordained in 1976 as a deacon and an elder in 1979.  He has served at the Sheakleyville Charge, Grand Valley Charge, Pittsfield Otterbein, Conneaut Lake Trinity, Greater Oil City UM Ministries (4 churches), and Erie Asbury UMC. He retired in 2020.

Bruce has helped at Cherry Run Camp Meeting and at Wesley Woods. He has also served on the board at both camps. He served with the Conneaut Lake Salvation Army, on the advisory boards of the Warren-Forest Department of Human Services and Crawford County Department of Human Services, the Love INC board, IU#5 Advisory Board, I-CAP (Industrial Community Advisory Panel).

Bruce continues to be involved in prayer ministries through the Renewal Fellowship and locally through the Altar (International House of Prayer). He desires to see everyone engaged in regular worship, small group study, and service. Bruce is God’s child, redeemed by the grace and provision of Jesus on the Cross, and engaged in Spirit-led ministry for God’s Kingdom.

Bruce likes to swim, use the computer, read and worship. He and Joyce have been married for 46 years and have two adult children. As a couple they like to travel and connect with friends.
About Norrisville United Methodist Church
The Norrisville United Methodist Church is a vital small membership congregation in the rural village of Norrisville in Crawford County. With strong lay leadership, the congregation enjoys close fellowship and vital worship. Support of local community organizations and ministries is also an important aspect of their ministry.   Rev Bruce Davis’ pastoral gifts and his passion for preaching God’s Word will assist this strong, laity-led congregation in continuing its important presence in its community.

Lambert to Serve Mount Hope, Pine Grove

Announced: 05-22-2022
About Jacqueline Lambert
Jacqueline Lambert writes this about her journey in Lay Ministry:  A little prompting of the Holy Spirit started me on this journey.  It began with a Sunday School class, then Lay Servant and Liturgist, a Women’s Bible Study, lots of classes, and this assignment.  All of this has been a gentle leading process where I have learned so much, and a huge blessing. I look forward to continuing my journey.  My husband, Ed, has been beside me and offers his support.

Jackie has been an active member of the Cochranton United Methodist Church, for 7 years since moving to the area with her husband Ed, who is retired from the US Coast Guard. She has previously worked in banking and in retail.  In the last two years she has been working towards becoming a Certified Lay Minister.  This assignment will help her to complete that certification.
About Mount Hope/Pine Grove Charge
The Mount Hope/Pine Grove Charge is comprised of two small rural congregations that sustain vital ministries to their communities.  For many years they have been served by retired Associate Member Alice McClymonds, who “retired” once more in December 2021. Under Alice’s ministry they have come to value personal relationships, biblical preaching and community ministry.

Both congregations have strong and active lay leadership.  This will make them an excellent charge for building ministry together with a Certified Lay Minister. Jackie will be mentored by Local Pastor Harry Zurasky, who serves nearby at New Richmond and Little Cooley. 

Wakefield to Serve Heartland Crossroads Parish

Announced: 05-22-2022
About Heather Wakefield
A new graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Heather Wakefield grew up in small towns in Pennsylvania (Crawford County), West Virginia, and Southeast Ohio. She received her bachelor’s degree from Clemson University and has an MA in Theater History and Criticism from Ohio University and an MS in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University.

Heather’s journey into United Methodism started at Saegertown United Methodist Church, not far from her new appointment.  She was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but became a a “spiritual seeker” during young adulthood. While serving as the Library Director of the Saegertown Area Public Library, she was drawn to the local United Methodist Church and found her spiritual home. Methodist theology and its call to service for others resonated with her on a deep level. After 7 ½ years, she left her position at the library and moved to Cambridge MA. There she earned a M.Div at Harvard. 

Heather looks forward to returning to Western PA and to reuniting with family and friends. Beyond her spiritual practices, Heather enjoys singing, drumming, reading, creative writing, and swimming.
About Heartland Crossroads Cooperative Parish
The Heartland Crossroads Cooperative Parish is a fellowship of six small town and rural congregations (Albion: Calvary; Conneautville: Valley; Espyville; Hickernell; Palmer and Franklin Center).  The six congregations support each other’s ministries as well as cooperate together on many joint mission projects and worship experiences. 

The Churches are served by a pastoral staff of a lead pastor, assisted by two part-time associates. The staff shares preaching responsibilities, administrative roles, and pastoral care among the six churches. Heather will be filling the lead role, pioneered by Rev. Bob Klingler who has served the parish for the last nine years. Rev. Klingler is being reappointed to Oakland UMC on the Franklin District. With her passion for supporting rural and small town life and her desire to serve others, Heather will be able to continue the vision for rural ministry that this successful cooperative has embraced

Blair Appointed to Wattsburg/Philipsville as Interim Pastor

Announced: 05-01-2022
About Harold W. Blair
Harold Blair was born into a Wesleyan Methodist pastor’s home in Brownsville, Pa.  He moved with his family to Akron, Ohio where he completed grades K -12.  He attended and graduated from Kansas City Bible School and College (now Kansas City College) in Overland Park, Kansas, with both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Theology degree.  For seven years he pastored two Wesleyan Methodist churches, first in Blairsville, Pa and then Ashville, New York.  Leaving pastoral ministry, he worked in various jobs including retail, health care and materials management and purchasing in health care settings. 

In July of 2010, he assumed his pastoral appointment as a Licensed Local Pastor at Kingsley UMC in Erie, where he served for 10 years.  During his years at Kingsley, he completed the Course of Study at Duke Divinity School.  Harold is passionate about people, pastoring and preaching and also enjoys conducting Bible Studies. 

He has been married to his wife Jerri for 36 years and she, with her love for people and training as a pianist and organist, is a real blessing to their ministry together.  They are the proud parents of five children who have blessed them with grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Their rescue Pomchi, Bayley, is both a blessing and a reminder of God’s grace to us as his rescues.  Harold enjoys reading, walking, biking, working around the house and yard, and attending musical concerts.

Though he retired in 2020, Harold looks forward to taking a hiatus from retirement to serve the good people of Phillipsville/Wattsburg Charge as their interim pastor.

About Wattsburg/Philipsville Charge
The Wattsburg/Phillipsville Charge is composed of two small congregations in the borough of Wattsburg and in the rural village of Phillipsville. The congregations have a long history of working together in outreach and ministry. Significant community ministry is done by both churches and they enthusiastically support EUMA, Ramps of Hope, Chosen Ministries and Love Inc. through funding and volunteerism.  They have a history of both global and regional mission trips. A school release program called Kid’s Alive has been an important part of their ministry in the past. They have hopes of a restart. The churches collect school supplies for the local elementary school; staff a Baby Changing Station at the Erie County Fair in Wattsburg; and participate in an Angel Tree ministry through the local food pantry. Both congregations share an intentional discipleship plan that includes many short-term small group studies, as well as promoting opportunities for service and witness.

Recently the impact of Covid and of a declining demographic base has led the congregations to emphasize stewardship, while analyzing their financial strength.  Harold Blair’s appointment as a one-year interim and his skills as a pastor and administrator will help the congregations to grow their ministry while continuing to determine a financial plan that is workable for them in the future.

Foland to Serve Meadville: Grace, Woodcock UMCs

Announced: 05-01-2022
About Richard L. Foland
Richard was born near Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and southeastern Ohio. His family was nomadic as far as church attendance went while he was growing up, and he thus has a very ecumenical background. In 1986 he graduated from South Side High School in Hookstown, PA. He then attended Clarion University of PA where, in 1991, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Beginning in 2002 he served a few years as the Youth Leader at Fairview United Methodist Church in Erie County. He has also served in audio/visual ministries at several churches over the years. Richard confesses that he has heard the call to pastoral ministry at several times in his life. As a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in Erie, his pastor, Rev. Roseanne Oliver, helped him to discern the call once more and to discover a pathway to answering it. Richard received his Local Pastor’s License in 2021 and has been serving the Diamond/Hydetown/Tryonville Charge since July 2020.

Richard is married to Leslie; they have nine children and eight grandchildren.  They are a team in every possible way and enjoy spending devotional time together. They believe that sharing that time with God draws them closer to Him and to each other
About Meadville: Grace/Woodcock UMCs
Meadville: Grace
This historic church in the city of Meadville was born out of a revival that filled the churches of Meadville to overflowing and created the need for another Methodist Church building.  Originally located on State Street, the growth of the congregation created the need for a larger structure which was built on the current site in 1915.  Through the years the congregation has valued vital Biblical preaching, meaningful worship, ministry to youth and children and has an active women’s ministry.  The Church continues to be an important presence in the city of Meadville with its support of local mission and outreach.  A vital children’s program, Thursdays for Jesus, and a strong Vacation Bible School program continue to be important ministries of this congregation.

Woodcock UMC
Located 10 miles from Meadville in the rural borough of Woodcock, this congregation is equally historic and has been a vital witness to its community for generations. With a deep connection to the local community, the congregation regularly sponsors musical programs and other opportunities for fellowship that welcome and engage their neighbors.  The vision statement for the congregation gives a sense their purpose: 

We are a fellowship of believers, made in God's image and called as disciples of Christ to share the Good News with everyone through learning, listening, praying and working together actively to reach out to our communities.  We are a place to believe, belong, and become!

Pastor Richard Foland’s commitment to biblical preaching, teaching and evangelism, along with his commitment to work in community and children’s ministries,  position him to help lead these congregations in further development of their mission.

Wade to Serve Hopeful Heart Trinity Charge

Announced: 05-01-2022
About Gary M. Wade
Gary Wade was born in Erie, PA and raised in the East Springfield area of Erie County. He graduated from both Northwestern High School and Erie County Vocational Technical School before serving in the United States Marine Corps. After serving his country, he graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport Pennsylvania with an Associate degree in Heavy Equipment Operations and Mechanics.

Gary has served the last five years as an Associate Pastor at Heartland Crossroads Ministry. Before going into ministry he served as a lay speaker, teen Sunday school teacher, adult Sunday school teacher, and chairman of trustees at his local church.

Gary has been married to his wife Brenda for 21 years. They have two children: son Keaton, 20, is serving in the United States Marine Corps and daughter Zaleigh, 17, is a senior in high school. The family is excited to see where God leads Gary in his new appointments of Blooming Valley UMC, Townville UMC and Troy Center UMC.
About Hopefull Heart Trinity Charge
The Hopeful Heart Trinity Charge is made up of three congregations set in rural villages east of Meadville, Pennsylvania.  Blooming Valley, Townville and Troy Center are small yet vital congregations that share a common goal of reaching their communities for Jesus Christ.  Vital worship, Bible Study, and maintaining a strong community presence are important to each of the congregations. Each strives to maintain close and supportive fellowship among their members, while being welcoming and inviting to their communities.  Support of local service organizations like the local Volunteer Fire Departments and community wide events are important pieces of their ministries.
 Pastor Gary Wade’s deep understanding of rural life and commitment to community outreach make him well suited to take up the pastoral leadership of these congregations, following the retirement of  Pastor Frank Weingard.

Hoover Appointed to South Harborcreek

Announced: 02-20-2022
About J. Timothy Hoover
“Pastor Tim” is a lifelong United Methodist.  He was born and raised in Clearfield, PA, where he attended West Side UMC.  He is a graduate of Clearfield High School and of Penn State University with a degree in Agricultural Education and General Science.  Prior to his call to ministry, he worked for Heath Consultants Inc., inspecting natural gas lines across the United States; the City of Harrisburg at its Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility and for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Public Water inspector until 2003.
While working for the state, Tim felt the nudge to ministry.  For many years he served as a Certified Lay Speaker, as the Holy Spirit continued to push him toward ordained ministry.

In 2001 he became the Associate Pastor for the Mahaffey Larger Parish that included New Washington, LaJose, Mahaffey, Glen Campbell, and Smithport Churches. From 2003-2007, he attended and graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC.  Since then he has served in Mt Pleasant and since 2013 in Saint Marys.
He married Nancy in 1990 and they have two children, Ashley and Ian.  Ashley is the mother of their two grandchildren and Ian serves in the United States Army.  
Rev. Hoover strongly believe in the use of small groups to keep people connected to their church and congregation, but more importantly to hold them accountable to being in the Word, in prayer, caring for their soul and seeing God in new and wonderful places each day.  He has a strong interest in community ministry and in evangelism that meets people “where they are and gives them all the grace God has shown each of us.”
He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, geocaching, biking, kayaking, and occasionally golfing with friends.   
About South Harborcreek United Methodist Church
South Harborcreek is a vital and growing congregation of people who seek to know God more and to care for one another and their community as ambassadors of Christ. The congregation is committed to love and serve God; one another and the community. They believe they have been blessed by God to be a blessing to others in the church and community. 

While its origins date back to the 1830’s, SHUMC is a new church with much of its congregation ‘new’ to Methodism, to the call of Christ and the call to move toward Christian perfection – growing in the sanctification of heart and life. Their aspire to be a ‘light on the hill’, a fragrance of Christ to the community so the world may be a better place. The congregation has open doors to welcome all who are seeking GOD, and is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  

Pastor Tim’s strong emphasis upon making disciples through small group ministry and in engaging persons outside the Church through community outreach will be important gifts to bring to the continued growth and  vitality of South Harborcreek United Methodist Church.

Ed Schoeneck to Serve Edinboro

Announced: 02-06-2022
About Edward Schoeneck
The Rev. Edward Schoeneck will be appointed to Edinboro UMC beginning July 1, 2022, following the retirement of the Rev. Lisa Grant.

Ed was born in raised in Syracuse, New York and felt a call towards ministry while in high school. He attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY and was blessed to have opportunity to study in Kenya, where he worked with the National Christian Council of Kenya in a mission outside Nairobi. After graduation, he worked in business for seven years, first with Gillette Safety Razor Co., which brought him to Pittsburgh in 1982.

Ed reclaimed the call he felt years earlier, enrolled at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 1987, and began his first appointment at West Side UMC in McKeesport the following year.  

During those seminary years, Ed met his wife Kathleen, who was studying to be an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA. They were married after graduation and were an Interdenominational clergy couple for 17 years until Kathleen joined the United Methodist Church, WPA Conference in 2010. 

One of their greatest blessings came in 2003 when they traveled to China to welcome their daughter Elisha to the family.  Elisha has been very active with the Western PA Conference, serving on the Youth Ministry Team, attending Conference Camps and traveling to Zimbabwe for Zim Camp in 2019. She is now in her freshman year at Duquesne University studying for a career in Physical Therapy.  The Schoeneck’s recently added a new member to the family from Animal Rescue in Greensburg -- a little Australian Cattle Dog named Indigo. 

After his student appointment, Ed served:  St. John’s and Forestville UMC, Slippery Rock Area (1992-1997); College Hill UMC, Beaver Falls (1997-2006); Grove Ave UMC, Johnstown (2006-2014); and has been serving at Monroeville UMC since 2014.  Ed is a relational collaborative pastor who seeks to help churches hear, respond and grow in their discipleship together as the Body of Christ in their ministry contexts.   He just finished Transitional Ministry training at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary this past fall and hopes to help churches discover the new life God may bring through the adversity and change of our current times. 

Ed loves to play guitar and has played in several praise bands in the churches he’s served and at Coffee houses/open mics when gets a chance. He and Kathleen own a trailer and love to spend time camping and traveling on vacation. He also has a love for sailing.
About Edinboro United Methodist Church
The Edinboro United Methodist Church defines itself as a 3D Church - a dynamic community of doubters, dreamers, and disciples on a lifelong journey of faith and action with Christ.  By embracing grace, they seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ as they engage heads, hands, and hearts in the way of Christ to ignite a profound love of God. They are building a welcoming community that embraces all individuals as persons of sacred worth who are God’s beloved children.

The congregation is a vital presence in the Edinboro Community that engages its members in community outreach, global mission, and justice ministries.  With their proximity to the Edinboro University campus, they have established a long and respected ministry to the student community. They value engaging worship and biblical preaching that helps persons experience God’s radical grace.  Spiritual formation, biblical study and small group discipleship round out their holistic approach to making disciples for the transformation of the world.

Rev. Schoeneck’s passion for community engagement, his gifts in helping congregations develop new worship expressions, and his experience in leading congregations in community outreach will build on the excellent vision and discipleship plan already established in Edinboro UMC.

Kathleen Schoeneck to Serve Erie: Lakewood UMC

Announced: 02-06-2022
About Kathleen A. Schoeneck
The Rev. Kathleen A. Schoeneck will begin serving Lakewood United Methodist Church in Erie on July 1, 2022, following the June 30 retirement of the Rev. Robert Lewis.

Kathleen Schoeneck came to the United Methodist Church in 2010 from the Presbyterian Church USA. She was ordained to Word and Sacrament to Frankfort UP Church of Frankfort Springs in January of 1996. Over the next 10 years, she found herself understanding concepts of theology and scriptural interpretation in a more Wesleyan way. In 2006, she attended annual conference as a guest, and upon hearing the preaching of Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton, she decided she was “all in” and petitioned to be considered as a licensed local pastor. She then pursued full Elders Orders in the UMC.  Her other pastoral experiences include serving as the Director of Pastoral Care at Friendship Ridge Rehab and Skilled Nursing and Spiritual Care Coordinator at Aseracare Hospice of Johnstown.
Kathleen has served the following United Methodist churches: Park Ave.& Christ UMC in Johnstown (2012-14); Grace of Natrona Heights, Janes of Creighton and Walter Chapel (2014-15); East McKeesport First, Center Ave. of Pitcairn, and Penn’s Woods of N. Huntington (2015-2017); McMasters of Turtle Creek and Center Ave. (2017-2020), and, since 2020, Oakmont UMC in the Greensburg District.

Part of a clergy couple, Kathleen and her husband Ed enjoy life with daughter Elisha. Elisha is a freshman at Duquesne University. Kathleen’s mission statement is to empower laity "so we can do mission together for the glory of God."

Kathleen's spiritual gifts include preaching, teaching, mercy, listening, and interpreting our faith heritage for current ministry and mission. She enjoys listening and talking with people and being a healing presence in the midst of difficult situations. One specific skill she identifies is: “helping congregations work past 'the past' and envision where they feel called to be, while reminding them that “we are who we are because of whose we are.” Kathleen is thrilled to be appointed to the Lakewood congregation and work together with new friends to continue their mission and ministry in the Erie/Meadville District.
About Lakewood United Methodist Church
The Lakewood United Methodist Church is situated in a beautiful residential neighborhood next to a community park. It is a vibrant congregation that cares deeply about its own people and the community in which it finds itself. It is active in local missions as well as national and international mission efforts. LUMC is about to embark on a renovation of the sanctuary, the capstone of a five-year capital improvement campaign. Covid-19 forced the congregation to adapt by learning how to livestream its service, and recent upgrades to the Wi-Fi system have enabled Wi-Fi access in all rooms of the church. Lakewood continues to seek ways to engage with the community around it - a local music outreach program, an annual party in the park. The congregation’s leadership is currently involved in long-range planning with the assistance of our Conference staff.  Lakewood has a proud history and is planning for a long and fruitful future.
Rev. Schoeneck’s gifts of pastoral care and of mission and ministry development will serve the Lakewood congregation well as they continue to seek new ways to develop their mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ. 

Morrison to Serve Unionville

Announced: 02-06-2022
About Alan J. Morrison
Rev. Alan J. Morrison grew up in Waterford, PA.  He was ordained a Deacon in 1988 and an Elder in 1992. His education includes an Associate degree in Digital Electronics earned while serving in the US Air Force; a Bachelor’s degree in Management; an MDiv; and a MA in Liturgical Arts.

His pastoral appointments have been to Homestead First; Hays/West Homestead/Homestead First; Creighton Janes; Pitcairn Center Avenue; Extension Ministry with the General Council on Finance and Administration; Monongahela First, and Wattsburg/Phillipsville.

Alan is a trained coach whose coaching focuses on discipleship, ministry practice, life issues, leadership, and administration. While on the GCFA staff, he facilitated the certification of church business administrators for the denomination. 
He has been a part of Scouting for 54 years and will serve as the lead Chaplain for the 2023 National Scout Jamboree. 

Alan is married to the former Lois Carl Granlund. They have a son, Ron (married to Erin), and a granddaughter, Harper. Lois is an ordained UCC clergy, having served her pastoral career as a hospital chaplain. The family also includes two dogs: Maxey and Jo.
About Unionville United Methodist Church
Unionville United Methodist Church is a community of growing believers of all ages seeking to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in the Wesleyan tradition. That tradition involves striving to lead a life that is Christ-like through devotion to the Word of God, to prayer, and to sharing God's grace with everyone we meet. Bible-based preaching, Sunday School for all ages, and a variety of Bible and book studies bring long-term members and newcomers together to grow in God's Word and grace.

The congregation always has a seat for visitors and an ear for new voices and ideas. They are an active congregation that welcomes strangers and creatively reaches out to care for those in need. Unionville is a church community that continually strives to strengthen its faith and deepen its discipleship to Jesus.

Larry Miller to Serve Littles Corners/Hamlin Chapel

Announced: 06-27-2021
About Larry Miller
Born and raised in Meadville, Pa; Larry graduated from Meadville High School. He served in the United States Navy and then returned to the Saegertown area.  He was very active in the Saegertown United Methodist Church, teaching Junior & Senior High Sunday School for 30 years.  He also served as chair of the Mission Committee, as Lay Leader, and was on the SPRC Committee.  As a certified lay speaker, he has preached sermons at Saegertown and as a guest speaker in other United Methodists churches. He also taught Basic Lay Speaking and Advanced Preaching in the Erie-Meadville Lay Servant School.  A part of Larry’s ministry has always included music. He played in praise bands and other Christian musical groups.  He also enjoys puppet ministry and has a collection of colorful puppets who help him share the good news with children and adults. 

As a Certified Lay Minister candidate, Larry has been serving as a supply minister at Mumford Chapel and Faith Geneva UMC for the past 5 years. He and his wife Sharon have eight grandchildren and a puppy named Ezra. They love serving the Lord together
About Littles Corners/Hamlin Chapel

The Charge is a new alignment, returning to a two point charge after having been together with Bethany UMC in Meadville since the 1960’s.  The new alignment should allow the two rural churches to grow in their goals to reach their unique communities.

Little’s Corners is a community-oriented congregation in the Village of Little’s Corners.  The congregation is a vital presence in that community and works together with other community organizations to provide important services and ministries.  The church values biblical preaching and pastoral care as important aspects of their life together. Strong lay leadership is evidenced in all their ministry.

Hamlin Chapel is located one mile from Little’s Corners and has a unique and important ministry in its community.  The Church has cooperated with Littles Corners for children’s ministry and VBS for many years.  The two churches also have shared in Bible studies together.  The congregation values relational evangelism and Christian fellowship and understands itself to be “like a family.”  They have worked hard at being a welcoming and inviting congregation.  

Larry Miller’s experience in the church as a preacher, leader, and pastoral caregiver should aid this laity-driven charge in its quest to reach its community. 

Linda Dinger To Serve Mill Village/Millers Station

Announced: 06-27-2021
About Linda Dinger
After working as a Dental Hygienist for 20 years in her native Erie, Linda answered the call to ministry through her involvement in Glenwood UMC.  After graduating from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, she was ordained an Elder in 2007.  Linda served multiple church circuits in her 20-year career that included both rural and urban settings.  She retired in 2020.  After two years of ‘full-time retirement,”  Linda is returning to assume the leadership of two small congregations on a “part-time” basis
About Mill Village/Millers Station Charge

The Mill Village/Millers Station Charge is a unique alignment of a rural, “country” church and a small town congregation.  The churches work well together and share in each other’s programs and studies. Both have strong and active laity leadership that assists their part-time pastor in pastoral care and administration.

About Mill Village
After suffering the catastrophic loss of its building due to a structural collapse in June 2015, the Mill Village United Methodist Church began worshipping together with the Presbyterian Church of Mill Village.  The two pastors began sharing worship and preaching responsibilities.  Since that time they have been exploring ways to maintain their unique heritages and theological identities while uniting together in service to their community.  They are continuing to develop a plan of unity. The United Methodist congregation has been working on a plan to build a new worship and ministry site on land purchased in Mill Village. 

About Millers Station
Surrounded by farm land, the Millers Station congregation enjoys a vital sense of community and fellowship in their rural setting.  The congregation has a strong women’s fellowship that helps to guide the church’s community outreach and mission.  Bible study and Biblical preaching are important values. 
Linda Dinger’s experience of administering the life of small congregations, her teaching and preaching gifts; and her interest in pastoral care will serve the Mill Village and Millers Station Charge well. Her collaborative mindset will assist the continued exploration of ecumenical ministry in Mill Village.

Roncolato to Serve New Meadville Charge

Announced: 06-20-2021
About Sara D. Roncolato
Sarah was born in Jamestown NY and grew up in the Swedish Evangelical Covenant Church.  She attended Allegheny College, graduating in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in English.  Her first job out of college was as an outreach worker at Fairview/Fairmont apartments, a low-income housing complex owned by Stone UMC and First Presbyterian Church of Meadville.

Married to her husband Dave in 1982,  together they raised two daughters and two sons. After commuting four years to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Sarah graduated and was ordained in 1995. Over the past 26 years she has served New Richmond/Little Cooley, Grace (Meadville), Wheatland Farrell/New Virginia and Stone UMC (Meadville). During this time Sarah taught courses at Allegheny College and served on a number of Conference boards including the Board of Ordained Ministry, Olmsted Manor and EUMA governing boards, the Conference and district Antiracism teams, and Reconciling Ministries Network. 
Sarah and Dave enjoy biking in the summer, cross-country skiing in the winter, and spending time with their six little grandsons all year long.  Her commitment to Christ is best expressed in a passion for racial justice and for the full inclusion of all God’s children in the life of the church.
About Meadville: Stone/ Bethany Charge
The creation of this new alignment brings together two historic partners in ministry and promises to bear fruit in the Meadville community today.

Bethany UMC in Meadville is a small neighborhood congregation in the 5th ward of Meadville. Its building originally housed an Episcopal chapel.  In time that congregation disbanded and the Church was acquired by Stone Methodist Episcopal Church for use as a satellite Sunday School site.  In the mid 1930’s the congregation was chartered as a separate congregation from Stone.

Today there is an active adult Sunday School class and Bible study during the week. The church building is also being used by Meadville H.O.P.E. Initiative, in partnership with Women's Services, to provide support for the children and adults of the Fifth Ward.

Stone United Methodist Church has rich history in the story of the Methodist movement in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  It has been and remains an important institution in the city of Meadville. It has also enjoyed many helpful connections to Allegheny College, a United Methodist-related institution.  Many prominent ministers and lay persons have served Christ and community through its ministries.  Today, a vital child care center and a soup kitchen are housed in its newly renovated building. Community ministry remains a hallmark of this congregation’s mission. To develop its outreach into the community, the congregation recently invested in state of the art technology to expand its online presence.  Worship is also broadcast each week over the local television cable network. The mission statement of Stone UMC states their approach to ministry well. "Compelled by God's love, Stone UMC is an inclusive community of faith, meeting people where they are, connecting them with Christ and one another, helping them live as disciples of Jesus Christ". 

Rev. Roncolato’s deep involvement in the community of Meadville, and her passion for social justice ministry, have made her an excellent pastoral leader for Stone Church. These gifts should benefit the congregation of Bethany as they too seek to serve their community for Christ.   

Peterson to Serve Bethel/White Oak Charge

Announced: 06-13-2021
About Roger Peterson
Beginning September 1, 2021, Rev. Roger Peterson, a retired elder, will serve a realignment of the Titusville: Bethel/White Oak Charge. 

After graduating from Houghton College in 1975, Roger became the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at The First United Methodist Church in Corry, when Reed J. Hurst was pastor. While there, Roger joined the United Methodist Church, met his wife Abbie, and entered the process toward Ordination. He went on to Asbury Seminary and, after graduation, was ordained by Bishop Roy C. Nichols and received his first appointment to Oil City Bethel and Plumer.

After 41 years of ministry, seven appointments (lasting between three and nine years) and living in nine different parsonages, Roger retired and moved back to Corry, Abbie’s hometown. He said, “It feels as if life has come full circle.”

Roger believes that God has used him to be, “An Instrument of God’s Peace,” and is grateful for the many ways God has blessed he and Abbie along the way. 

"People recently have asked me what I am going to do in retirement," he said. "I guess the answer is, more of the same…  Besides being involved in the community, and finding a new rhythm for daily living, I will be continuing to serve the Lord as God has gifted me in and through the local church. May His Kingdom come, His Will be done, on Earth, in The UMC, at Bethel and White Oak and in my life, as it is in Heaven."
About Titusville: Bethel/White Oak Charge
The Bethel congregation has a significant part in the story of Methodism in Northwestern Pennsylvania and also in the history of the Titusville area.  Through the years the congregation and its buildings have served as a hub of its rural community.  To this day, the congregation maintains a recreational pond for the community’s use and is frequently a gathering place for community events.  The congregation still hosts a community Memorial Day service that goes back to days following  the Civil War.  Several prominent ministers and community leaders have been nurtured by this congregation.  A scholarship fund that makes awards for post-secondary education to young people from the community is an important part of their legacy.  The congregation values pastoral care and vital worship as key components of their fellowship. 
White Oak, located on the Spring Creek road northeast of Titusville, is a small, rural, family-oriented church that values genuine fellowship and connection between its members.  Vital worship, heart-felt biblical preaching and teaching, and pastoral care have been important to maintaining their identity and disciple-making ministry.

Roger Petersons experience as a pastoral leader and his passion for helping congregations make disciples of Jesus Christ will help these congregations continue to grow and maintain vital ministry. 

Foland to Serve New Charge

Announced: 06-06-2021
About Richard L. Foland
Richard was born near Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and southeastern Ohio. His family was nomadic as far as church attendance went while he was growing up, and he thus has a very ecumenical background. In 1986 he graduated from South Side High School in Hookstown, PA, then attended Clarion University of PA where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1991

Beginning in 2002, he served a few years as the Youth Leader at Fairview United Methodist Church in Erie County. He has also served in audio/visual ministries at several churches over the years. Richard is currently a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in Erie.  He confesses that he has heard the call to pastoral ministry at several times in his life. His current pastor, Rev. Roseanne Oliver, has helped him to discern the call once more and to discover a pathway to answering it. He is currently an exploring candidate for ordained or licensed ministry.

Richard is married to Leslie. They have nine children and seven grandchildren, with another on the way.  They are a team in every possible way and enjoy spending devotional time together. They believe that sharing time with God draws them closer to Him and to each other.
About Diamond/Hydetown/Tryonville Charge

The Evangelical United Methodist Church of Titusville is found in the rural village of Diamond west of the city on Route 27.  This historic Church has deep roots in the Evangelical United Brethren wing of our denomination.  The congregation has a deep sense of community that is centered in their common faith in Jesus Christ.  Meaningful Christian fellowship, vital worship, biblical preaching and Christian education are key components of their ministry.  

Hydetown United Methodist Church is a small, active congregation in the borough of Hydetown, north of Titusville. The congregation values Biblical Preaching and teaching. They have a legacy of maintaining a strong community presence and participate with other congregations in Hydetown for VBS and community worship services.  Their mission is to reach their community for Jesus Christ and to make Disciples for Him. 

Tryonville United Methodist Church is a small, family-oriented congregation in the rural village of Tryonville, north of Titusville.  The congregation has a strong desire to reach its neighbors for Jesus Christ.  Like their partners on the Charge, they value vital worship and leadership that will help them fulfill their mission to make Disciples.

The addition of Evangelical UMC strengthens this charge's presence in the area. It brings potential for coordinated outreach and disciple-making ministry to their area.  Richard Foland’s strong sense of evangelical mission and call to pastoral ministry should serve all three congregations well. 

Harman to Serve Erie: Christ UMC

Announced: 05-30-2021
About Paul A. Harman
The son of a United Methodist clergyman, Paul was born in Lynchburg, VA.  After sensing the call of God to ministry, Paul studied at Methodist Theological School in Ohio and received a Master of Divinity in 1993. He was ordained and served as a pastor full-time for 12 years in the United Church of Christ.  He then returned to the United Methodist Church and pursued Conference membership and recognition of his orders in Western Pennsylvania. He completed the Provisional Member process in 2020, and looks forward to being received into Full Conference Membership at Annual Conference 2021. 

Paul enjoys Biblical study, especially New Testament studies. His primary gifts are Biblical preaching, teaching and working together with laity of lead congregations in ministry development.
About Erie: Christ UMC
Christ UMC in Erie is a community of faith with a passion for Jesus and compassion for people.   They have a developed plan of discipleship for their members that seeks to build followers of Jesus who practice: Radical Hospitality; Passionate Worship; Intentional Faith Development; Serving and Connecting; and, Extravagant Generosity. 

The congregation sponsors a strong pre-school program that helps them engage their community.  Youth and Children’s ministry and small group ministry for adults are important aspects of their plan to make disciples. The congregation values strong biblical preaching; vital worship in both contemporary and traditional expressions; and active lay involvement in mission and ministry.

Paul Harman’s gifts of Biblical preaching and teaching; along with his passion for lay involvement in ministry, will make him an effective leader of this vital congregation.

Alsdorf Appointed to Pleasantville UMC

Announced: 05-23-2021
About Jerome Alsdorf
Jerome has served the community of believers in Titusville for 14 years at Titusville First as a youth pastor and contemporary worship leader and also as a supply pastor at Diamond Evangelical from 2017-2021. He recently finished Licensing School and is looking forward  to pursuing God with his wife and children and his local congregation. 
About Pleasantville United Methodist Church
The Pleasantville UMC congregation has been an important part of its community since its beginning. As a “cornerstone” institution in the borough, it works ecumenically with other congregation to provide care and outreach for the community.  The Church has a strong history of evangelism, youth ministry and mission support.  Jerome Alsdorf’s experience and gifts should help them fulfill their goals of growth and disciple-making.

Karen Trask to Serve Lawrence Park

Announced: 05-23-2021
About Karen Trask
Pastor Karen Trask grew up just east of Pittsburgh, PA in McKeesport and graduated from McKeesport Area High School. She began her faith journey as Roman Catholic and had a sense of God’s love in her life at a young age. She worked for 20 years in the Nursing Department of Torrance State Hospital and met her husband Bob there in 1996 when he was working as an after-care coordinator for the clients of Westmoreland County. The couple married in 1998, and with Bob’s encouragement Karen answered the call to become a Local Lay Speaker. After moving forward with the required trainings, Karen became a Certified Lay Speaker, then a Certified Lay Minister and finally a Licensed Local Pastor in 2012. She is currently finishing her last class of Course of Study through the Appalachian Local Pastors School, Tennessee Conference.

Karen served as Chaplain for the Erie UM Alliance for several years working with the residents of the Refuge, Hope House and the Liberty House, a shelter for homeless veterans. Pastor Karen loves to preach and teach the Word of God and is passionate about fulfilling her call and using her gifts and graces to bring all God’s people to know Him and what He has called them to as well.
About Lawrence Park United Methodist Church
Lawrence Park UM is currently celebrating its 100th year of ministry to the community.  The congregation maintains vital worship, strong ties of fellowship and is very active in outreach to its local neighborhood and across the City of Erie.  The church has active UMM and UMW groups that support their mission and ministry.  While the congregation is has grown smaller in recent years, they remain committed to reaching their community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Karen Trask’s passion for the Good News and her gifts of administration, outreach and evangelism should help  the congregation achieve its goals of making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Sill to Serve McKean UMC

Announced: 05-16-2021
About Janet R. Sill
Janet was born and raised in Latrobe. PA and nurtured by the faithful folks at Latrobe First UMC. She  attended the Greater Latrobe School district and after graduation attended Edinboro University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood and graduate certification in Special Education. At an early age Janet felt God’s call to ministry, but it wasn’t until she was married and had a family that she felt it was God’s plan to become a Certified Lay Minister. She served the Evangelical/Elgin, McCray, and Wayne Valley Charge as an associate for seven years.  This experience helped Janet to discern God’s call into licensed pastoral ministry.  She was licensed in 2015 and was  appointed to the Titusville – Bethel/ White Oak and Pleasantville charge.

Janet and husband Lynn have been married for 46 years and have four grown children, Courtney Courtemanche (Patrick), Douglas, Scott (Liz), and Amy Hromek, (Kristopher) and eight grandchildren, Addison, and Jenna, Xander and JJ, Gabby, Ellie, Sadie, and Owen. Lynn will retire in July from the State Correctional Facility in Albion and as an Education Guidance Counselor.

Janet loves playing with her grandchildren, redecorating their century old home, sewing and quiet moments of devotions and tea.  
About McKean United Methodist Church
McKean UMC is a small town congregation with a rich 202-year history of shining the light of Jesus in the McKean community and beyond.  As a welcoming and joy-filled congregation, they live out their heartfelt desire to be used by the Holy Spirit in leading others to Christ through the varied ministries of the church.  Included in those ministries are a Prayer Shawl Ministry to the sick and grieving, support of the local food pantries, participation in Ramps of Hope, a morning and evening Bible Study, a summer VBS and Prayer Tent, both of which are offered in ministry with the churches of McKean, and an annual Ladies Retreat.  They look forward with much joy and anticipation to welcoming new members into their church family in the near future, as they work alongside one another in the name of Jesus Christ, to the glory of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Janet Sill’s passion for preaching, pastoral care, and community outreach make her an excellent match for this vital congregation that seeks to reach its community with the love of Christ.

Melissa Geisler To Serve Franklin First UMC

Announced: 05-09-2021
About Melissa Geisler
Melissa Geisler was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has earned several degrees, an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education from Broward Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. She is currently working on a Master’s degree in Social Work from Edinboro University.

Melissa’s life has always been nurtured by the church. Activities she participated in as a youth and college student confirmed her call to ministry. She was commissioned as a Diaconal Minister of Christian Education in 1992 and was ordained an elder in 2016.

She served as an Associate Pastor for the Community Churches Charge in Washington, PA (Beallsville UMC, Mt. Zion UMC, Marianna UMC, Taylor UMC, and Centerville UMC), and as Senior Pastor at both Trinity UMC and Lawrence Park UMC in Erie, PA. 

Her spiritual gifts include teaching, helping, and administration.  Personal interests include spending as much time as she can with family, searching for sea glass on the shores of Lake Erie, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, crafts, and walking. Melissa is the mother of two young men (Andrew, 18 and Caleb, 21) and the wife of 25+ years to Ron, an Ordained Elder in the Western PA Annual Conference
About Franklin: First UMC
First UMC in Franklin is a friendly, welcoming congregation located in the heart of downtown Franklin. The congregation is involved in the Franklin Ministerium and participates in its mission and worship events. Additionally they support many local, Conference and international ministries. They offer a free community dinner on a monthly basis for their neighbors in the area.

Ron Geisler Appointed to Oil City: Grace UMC

Announced: 05-09-2021
About Ronald Geisler
Ron was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. He began following Jesus and received a call to full-time ministry through the faithfulness of the West Washington United Methodist Church. He attended Grove City College (1991) and Asbury Theological Seminary (1995).

Ron is an ordained elder, serving in ministry since 1993. He has been the pastor of churches in Kentucky, Florida, and Pennsylvania and has been privileged to work at church planting in the greater Canonsburg area of Washington County.

With the spiritual gifts of teaching, leading, and encouragement, Ron offers expertise in discipleship training, leadership development, and the creation of strategic missional goals. In 2016, he received the Erie-Meadville District "Turtle Award" for "serving the Kingdom with courage and an entrepreneurial spirit and being willing to stick your neck out for Jesus!"

Ron is a certified discipleship/leadership coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. One of his great passions is seeing churches and people find a REBOUND and move from struggle to success. In 2018 he created Rebound Life Coaching where he writes, teaches, and coaches.

He and Melissa met in Kentucky and have been married since 1995. They are the parents of two adult sons.
About Oil City: Grace United Methodist Church
Grace UMC is a very mission-minded church both in their community and beyond. The church’s worship service is broadcast live on a local cable station and allows homebound members and others to be part of their worship service each week. The church supports and participates in the Salvation Army food ministry, Mustard Seed Missions, Venango Youth for Christ and ABC Life Center. Additionally they are part of the mission and worship events of the Oil City Ministerium. Beyond their community, the churches have taken mission trips to Appalachia and the Dominican Republic.

Ali Berkey Appointed to West Erie Parish

Announced: 05-02-2021
About Alison Berkey
Ali Berkey was born and raised in Jerome, PA, a small town in the northern part of Somerset County.  She attended Conemaugh Township School District, where in high school she participated in marching band, forensics, and softball. Ali holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and the Lutheran Theological Seminary of Gettysburg.  After seminary she worked as a domestic relations intake clerk, a welfare intake clerk, a preschool teacher, a before/after school coordinator, and an adjunct instructor at Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.  At Highlands, she also earned a degree in Early Childhood Education went on to own and operate a successful preschool and a before/after program for several years.

Ali then completed Clinical Pastoral Education in Greenville NC and, in 2011 returned to Western Pennsylvania and sought ordination in the United Methodist Church.  She was ordained an Elder in 2015. Her appointments in  included Mt Tabor, Robinson, the Faith Community Charge, the Allegheny River Charge and most recently, Calvary and Plummer UMCs in Oil City.  

In 2014, Ali married Rev. Wade Berkey at the Outer Banks NC.  She enjoys gardening, hydroponic gardening, biking, scrapbooking, making homemade cards and candles.  And, on Fridays, she enjoys dates with her husband.
About West Erie Parish
The West Erie Parish is a new alignment of four suburban congregations west of the City of Erie. 
Fairview UMC is situated in a growing suburban community and, in recent years, the church has developed important ministries to youth and children, including a pre-school that is helping them reach young families. 

Girard UMC, located in the heart of Girard, has a long-standing reputation as a landmark institution in its community. The congregation has a rich history of community service, traditional worship with excellent music, and vital fellowship ministries.

First UMC in Lake City is a small congregation with a deep desire to reach its community.  After devastating water damage throughout the building in January 2020, they are hard at work restoring their building. At the same time, they are planning creative ways to make new disciples of Jesus Christ, once they resume in person worship.

Weis Library is also situated in the growing suburban area of Fairview.  In recent years the congregation has enjoyed a renewed focus upon community outreach and mission.  Their state of the art “Christ Center,” with kitchen, gym and classroom areas, positions them well to grow into a community center.  The congregation values vital contemporary worship and biblical preaching. 

The West Erie Parish will be served by Ali and Wade Berkey as a pastoral team using their varied gifts in all four congregations.  This unique approach will help empower the congregations to find ways to work together as they make disciples for the transformation of the Erie West area.

Wade Berkey Appointed to West Erie Parish

Announced: 05-02-2021
About Wade Berkey
Wade Berkey was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, attending the Belmont United Methodist Church and graduating from Richland High School. It was at Belmont that Rev. Ed Wilson first recognized God’s call upon Wade’s life.

After graduating high school, Wade earned an Associate Degree in drafting—when draftsmen used real pencils, T-squares, and triangles!  One of the gifts of a draftsman is to be able to conceptualize a project before it is built or even designed.  After a successful career as a draftsman, Wade moved into production management and attended Robert Morris University, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in management.  It was then that he came to the realization that God was indeed calling him to ministry.

In 2004, Wade accepted his first appointment in the church as a student pastor.  He attended Asbury Theological Seminary and graduated in 2010. He was ordained an elder in 2012. His appointments included Franklin First UMC, Kittanning First UMC, Grampian UM Charge, Karns City/Chicora UM Charge, and Faith Community Charge in Bruin, PA.

Wade’s gifts for ministry include preaching and teaching God’s Word, prayer and intercession, administration, and visioning—being able to conceptualize ministries even before they have been “built”!

Wade is the father of a beautiful daughter Natalia, who attended Asbury University and is employed in Human Resources near Pittsburgh.  Wade is married to Ali, and as a clergy couple, they serve God not only in their churches, but in their lives together. 

Wade enjoys spending time with Ali and their rescue dog Shirley. He also enjoys bicycling, photography, cooking, and listening to an eclectic collection of music that includes Contemporary Christian music, blues, and classic rock.
About Erie West Parish
The West Erie Parish is a new alignment of four suburban congregations west of the City of Erie. 
Fairview UMC is situated in a growing suburban community and, in recent years, the church has developed important ministries to youth and children, including a pre-school that is helping them reach young families. 

Girard UMC, located in the heart of Girard, has a long-standing reputation as a landmark institution in its community. The congregation has a rich history of community service, traditional worship with excellent music, and vital fellowship ministries.

First UMC in Lake City is a small congregation with a deep desire to reach its community.  After devastating water damage throughout the building in January 2020, they are hard at work restoring their building. At the same time, they are planning creative ways to make new disciples of Jesus Christ, once they resume in person worship.

Weis Library is also situated in the growing suburban area of Fairview.  In recent years the congregation has enjoyed a renewed focus upon community outreach and mission.  Their state of the art “Christ Center,” with kitchen, gym and classroom areas, positions them well to grow into a community center.  The congregation values vital contemporary worship and biblical preaching. 

The West Erie Parish will be served by Ali and Wade Berkey as a pastoral team using their varied gifts in all four congregations.  This unique approach will help empower the congregations to find ways to work together as they make disciples for the transformation of the Erie West area.

Verner Appointed to Brockway Charge

Announced: 04-11-2021
About R. Andrew Verner
R. Andrew Verner, an ordained elder in the Western Pennsylvania Conference, has been serving as a pastor since 1992.  Rev. Verner has expertise in church growth, church planting, contemporary and traditional worship transitioning, community outreach, and family ministry.

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science at Campbell University in 1993, and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1998.  He completed Ashland Theological Seminary's Pastor of Excellence program in 2005.  Andrew also has completed church planter training, Every Member in Ministry training and is completing certification in Human Resources Management through Penn State University. He has been a Stephen Ministry Leader since 2011.

Pastor Andrew has served as a pastor in the Washington, Indiana, Butler and Erie districts,from the small church of the Fredericktown-Denbo Charge and the Mt. Morris Charge to serving as an associate at Butler First UMC, and as pastor of the Punxsutawney First, Baden UMC and, currently the Girard-Weis Library Charge.

He has served on Conference and District boards and committees, including the Board of Ordained Ministry, Nominations, District Building and Location and District Committee on Discipleship.  He most enjoys serving as an instructor in the District Lay Ministry School.

Andy and Julie met at Camp Allegheny and have been married since 1994.  They are the proud parents of Thomas, Ryan, Jesse, and Emily.  Thomas and daughter-in-law Katie live in Baden.  Ryan works in Saegertown, Pa. Jesse is a senior and Emily a sophomore at Fairview High School.
About Brockway Charge
Brockway Area Ministries was formed in 2013 when the Lanes Mills and Moorhead United Methodist Churches came together because of the realization that they were able to do more for the Brockway Area community together than they could separately.  Since that time they have continuously sought ways to be one church with two locations while acknowledging their uniqueness of their respective place in the body of Christ.
             Lanes Mills United Methodist Church has been in continuous existence in the community of Brockway for over 125 years.   On October 27, 1893, the project of building a church building began.  Many changes have taken place in the congregation and its properties during our history but, the one thing that has not changed is our purpose and mission.  “Much of this historical sketch concerns bricks and mortar, land and lumber, changes and improvements, but the real history of this church involves laity and clergy, people and God, people and people. For we have, and we do, make up the Body of Christ.  Our history has been, and continues to be, a people to Christ and membership in his church, growing in Christian maturity, maintaining warm fellowship, and involvement in ministry with the church and mission to the world. Together we are the United Methodist Church - yesterday, today and tomorrow.” (excerpt from website history) Today the congregation continues to worship and serve to be a positive influence in the life of Brockway.
Moorhead United Methodist Church has been in continuous existence in the community of Brockway for 156 years.  We are the oldest congregation of Christian believers in Brockway.  In 1861 the project of building a church building began and the rest is history as they say.  Outreach into the community has always been the main thrust of Moorhead’s vision of ministry.  This currently includes a Comfort and Care program that provides on average 44 meals per week for up to as many as 50 individuals no longer able to prepare their own meals both short term or long term.  They are the charter organization for Boy Scout Troop 50 which will celebrate it’s 100th anniversary of continuous scouting at Moorhead this year.  Our after-school program provides a safe and secure learning environment for up to fourteen elementary school age children. The parsonage has become home to the Helping Hand Food Pantry that provides food for as many as 108 families facing food insecurity issues.  Like Lanes Mills the congregation continues to worship and serve to be a positive influence in the life of Brockway.

R. Trask to Serve Erie First UMC

Announced: 03-28-2021
About Robert Trask
Bob was born in Jamestown, NY and was raised in Youngsville, PA. Prior to entering ministry, Bob served in the United States Navy and then held various jobs in manufacturing in the state of Washington and Pennsylvania.  In 1979 Bob was rescued from a life of addiction and renewed by a newfound relationship with Jesus Christ. Subsequently, he felt a call to become an ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. He graduated magna cum laude from Edinboro University in 1984 and from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 1988.  After serving three charges as a student pastor and at South Avenue in Wilkinsburg as a commissioned pastor, Bob took a hiatus from church ministry and spent several years working in social service positions.

While working as a state hospital liaison coordinating patient discharges, Bob met his wife Karen. With her help, Bob rediscovered his call to ordained  ministry. Since returning, Bob has served the Conneautville Charge and the Brockway Area Ministries Charge.  Karen has served as a licensed local pastor.

He has a passion for ministry to those whose lives have been broken and a strong sense of the need for justice for the marginalized. Both he and Karen love to cook and travel.

About Erie First United Methodist Church
Founded in 1826, the First United Methodist Church in Erie has a long history of ministry to the region.  The current sanctuary, built in 1859, is the longest continually used house of worship in the city.  What makes the First UM Church in downtown Erie unique is undoubtedly the people God has brought within its doors.  The congregation has spanned three different centuries and has grown to include people from every walk of life. 

Worship with great music is a genuine expression of Christian joy, at both the contemporary Light for the City worship service and in the traditional service.  The current ministry focus is on bringing the word of God to the surrounding area, which includes a large migrant population relocated to Erie, as well as a growing and revitalized downtown Erie.  The church is active in mission efforts, both locally and globally.  The church eagerly anticipates participating in God’s future work for Erie and beyond. 

Rev. Trask’s life and work experiences, his passion for social justice ministry, and his identified spiritual gifts of healing, faith, wisdom, teaching and administration will serve him well in this downtown congregation that seeks to be a “Light for the City!” 

Han to Serve Corry First UMC

Announced: 03-14-2021
About Duk Hee Han
Duk Hee, an ordained elder, was born in 1966 and brought up in a small country village in Korea as the youngest of three sons. His parents, devout Christians, were the most important influence on his character. Although they were farmers in the countryside, they implanted conviction and courage to practice the love of Jesus Christ in his life by means of their examples. Duk Hee graduated from the Methodist Theological University in 1993 with a degree in theology. He then earned his master’s degree from Wesley Divinity School in 1998, and his doctorate degree in ministry from Union Theological Seminary in 2001.

While at college, Duk Hee not only concentrated on accumulating academic knowledge, but also, along with some friends, devoted himself to helping the underprivileged such as orphans, blind children and tuberculosis patients. After graduation, he engaged in mission work in Zambia, Africa. It was a valuable time for him to establish his own conviction and philosophy about overseas mission based on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. He was convinced that effective mission depends on the ability of the missionary to absorb other cultures and thought and establish good partnerships by mixing with the local people. After a year in Zambia, he changed his mission field to the Philippines in 1995. While earning his doctorate there, he taught Christian Leadership and Church Administration at Wesley Divinity School for a year. Through his teaching experience, he further developed his own leadership skills and came to better understand the importance of respecting others' standpoints in trying to carry out God's mission effectively in foreign countries. His eight years of experience in working with different people in Zambia and the Philippines as a missionary provided him with proficiency in English and enthusiasm for serving God's people regardless of gender, race, nation, color, and possessions. 

In 2002, Rev. Han came back to Korea to serve a local church with about 1,000 members as an associate pastor. While serving that church, he was asked if he was interested in serving a church in the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference, which had a sister relationship with the Central Annual Conference of the Korean Methodist Church. As a result, he received an appointment from Bishop Hae Jong Kim to serve a local church here and has been privileged to serve God through the UMC since 2004. As a pastor in America for 16 years, he has really enjoyed working with God’s people and learned a lot about culture, ministry, mission and administration which he believes will help him in leadership in his future ministry.

Duk Hee married his soulmate Eun Young in 1999. She majored in music education and piano at Ho Seo University in Korea. She had served her own church in Chunan, Korea for 10 years as a pianist before she was united with Duk Hee. They has two sons: Kyu Hyung, 20, a sophomore in college, and Kyu Hyek, 17, a senior in high school. They like sports, music, and art. Kyu Hyung plays violin and Kyu Hyek plays cello and both can speak Korean and English. Duk Hee likes singing, spending time with family and friends, gardening, and playing golf.
About Corry First United Methodist Church
Corry First is a congregation that has a long history of sharing the Good News locally, regionally, and internationally. The church has a desire to serve the community with the love of Jesus. This happens in partnership with other churches and Christian ministries in the area, valuing the unity that comes in the family of God. The church has a passion for international and local missions, providing significant prayer and financial support each year, including an annual Missions Conference.
Worship of Jesus flows through services in different styles, but with the common goal of empowering people to praise God. The many ministries of the church help people to know Jesus, grow in their love of him, and walk in obedience to him. The youth ministry reaches out into the community. It not only serves students in the congregation, but also helps many in the community know Jesus who never would have followed him otherwise.
Rev. Han’s education and experience in helping persons discover their spiritual gifts and employ them in service make him well suited for the leadership of Corry First.  The congregation’s stated goal of involving lay persons in ministry and continuing its heritage of supporting global ministry match with many of Duk Hee’s particular strengths. 

Bobin to Serve Heckathorn

Announced: 03-07-2021
About Jeffrey Bobin
Jeff Bobin is a graduate of Mohawk High School in Lawrence County. He earned Bachelors degrees in  Accounting/Business Administration from Geneva College and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris. After working in business and teaching, he answered the call to ministry and earned a Master of Divinity degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

Jeff currently serves the Littles Corners charge in the Erie-Meadville District. He has served appointments in Butler, Beaver, Erie and Crawford counties and also served eight years on Conference staff as the first facilities manager.

Bringing strong preaching and teaching skills along with a love for storytelling, Jeff works hard to make the Bible come alive in today’s culture. Because of his varied experience, he is known for building connections and helping churches, pastors and people find resources. An avid reader who loves to learn across many disciplines, he also enjoys photography, public speaking and loves baseball.

Jeff is married to Kerry and they have three children and two granddaughters scattered around Western PA. Kerry is a registered nurse. She loves to sew, especially quilting. The couple likes to travel and explore history together.
About Heckathorn United Methodist Church
Heckathorn UMC is located in rural Venango County in the Franklin District. The congregation is very focused on community outreach and mission. It is part of the UM Christar Cluster, which sponsors local work-camp missions and the “Truly FreeSkate” outreach at a local skating rink, allowing families in the community to enjoy free roller skating with Christian fellowship and learning. The church also serves as a site for a summer feeding program for area school children and is a partner in the local food pantry. 

Heckathorn UMC offers WOW (Worship our Way) for elementary age children, and has an active Sunday School program, a weekly Bible Study and many fellowship opportunities.

Tickle to Serve Murrysville First UMC

Announced: 03-07-2021
About Jack Tickle
Pastor Jack Tickle (a/k/a PJ) is a lifelong United Methodist who attending Holiday Park UMC while growing up. PJ has a BS from Slippery Rock University in Communications: Emerging Tech and Multimedia with a focus on AV. He graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 2013 with a Master of Divinity.

While in seminary, PJ interned at Holiday Park UMC as a children’s and young adult minister. He later served as the youth minister of Irwin First UMC, then as a Provisional Elder at South Greensburg UMC before moving north to serve the Fairview/Lake City Charge, where he currently is appointed.

Pastor Jack has been married for 11 years to his partner in ministry, Carolyn Tickle. Carolyn has a career as a physical therapist. She always finds ways to grow new ministry areas and help either start new small groups or to assist established groups to thrive.

PJ and Carolyn have two daughters, Chelsea, 6, and Bianca, 4, who both love Jesus and being part of a church community. Their favorite thing in the world is when they get “Jesus Bread” or as most know it, Holy Communion.

PJ is very passionate about finding creative ways to reach people where they are, encouraging others to answer their unique callings to serve in Christ, and working with people of all ages. He is a strong believer in living an active faith as part of a community of faith. It brings him great joy to work with a congregation to discern its calling and find ways to keep the mission of making disciples central to all aspects of church ministry.
About Murrysville First United Methodist Church
First UMC in Murrysville was founded in 1832. Like their church building, the congregation has changed over the years. What started as a small community church servicing a rural location has grown over the years to become a large church in a suburban neighborhood. During that time, the congregation was known as a large church with the feel of a small church due to its friendliness, as well as a common root: Many members worked for the same employer, Westinghouse.

As the culture and employment profile of the area changed, First UMC Murrysville morphed as well. Now a small-to-mid-sized church within the Conference, they have become a praying church focused on outreach. With a solid core of small groups, the congregation is dedicated to reaching out to the neighborhood, as well as U.S. and international causes. The highly educated congregation has encouraged leadership growth both spiritually and managerially. First UMC Murrysville is a friendly, inviting congregation that is fiscally conservative, and socially more centrist. Their goal is making disciples, and their theology is based on biblical foundations.

First UMC Murrysville has a strong preschool that has enabled them to nurture young families, as they teach biblical truths.  Geographically in the center of town, the church takes part in community events such as the harvest parade, food drives, community days, Christmas tree lighting, Stop Hunger Now, and the community library day of reading.

Fehl to Serve Cabot UM Church

Announced: 02-21-2021
About Jonathan Fehl
Jonathan has a passion for seeing how God is moving in Western Pennsylvania and throughout the world. Between growing up as the son of an Air Force pilot and serving as a missionary in Mozambique, he has lived on four different continents. God has used those experiences to plant in him a heart for seeing all different types of people come to know Jesus.

After majoring in History and Classics at the University of Florida, he proposed to his wife Katherine on the beach in Mozambique. They relocated to Kentucky, where he earned the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Master of Theology in World Missions (ThM) from Asbury Seminary. When they moved to Pennsylvania, he served as associate pastor at Crossroads Church, which included leading two different Crossroads campuses in the Pittsburgh area, as well as helping develop leaders and ministries at another campus. Later, he served Bethany United Methodist Church in Latrobe and is currently serving Corry First UMC.

His ministry focuses on renewing the church’s love for the community and desire to reach those who are far from God. He has a passion for relational ministry and equipping the people of the church to do the ministry of the church locally, regionally, and internationally.

Jonathan and Katherine have two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 7 to 17.

About Cabot United Methodist Church
Cabot UMC was birthed in 1823 in a one room cabin, and blossomed and grew over nearly 200 years. The church is now located on Winfield Road in Cabot in a converted school building with a sanctuary addition built in 2014. The large double-winged building contains multiple classrooms for education, music, a food bank, a library and a large kitchen and multipurpose room with a stage.
Cabot is a loving, welcoming and close-knit congregation whose people are not only there for each other, but for their community as well. That community can be local, statewide, nationwide and worldwide, wherever the need arises. Among the many ministries are a food bank, a library open to adults, youth and children; Upward sports, Sunday school, bible studies, secret sisters, prayer shawl, Operation Christmas Child, and more. If they don’t have something, they're willing to do what it takes to get it going! The congregation's mission is to be a community life and worship center that makes disciples for Jesus Christ.