All Aboard!

All Aboard! is project where our UM churches are partnering together to bring financial assistance to kids who want to go to camp but cannot afford it. Sometimes a young person who needs financial assistance to get to camp is part of a congregation that does not have the financial gifts to help him/her attend camp. And sometimes there are congregations who have financial gifts for sending young people to camp but do not have camp aged children in their congregation; or who have more gifts than can be used by the children of their congregation. All Aboard brings churches like these together. To be a part of All Aboard! simply sign-up your church to be an “anchor” or an “oar”

Anchors” are churches who can steady the financial burden of camp for a young person in need. “Oars” are churches who are moving forward in ministry despite financial hardships; churches who have youth who want to go to camp but attend a church that cannot meet their financial needs.

Register to become an "Anchor Church" (sponsor)

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