Siblings Seeking A Way Forward

Three Western PA pastors who are siblings and preacher's kids have differing views on the roles LGBTQ individuals should have in the church. This created some uncomfortable family gatherings and loud, contentious disagreements. Eventually the Rev. Justin Judy, Rev.

A Way Forward Presentation

A Way Forward presentation from 2018 Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference


Purpose, Principles and Importance of the work of the Commission on a Way Forward (

An overview by Gil Rendle. This video was recorded during the final May 2018 Commission meeting of the Commission on A Way Forward and gives an in depth theological and technical overview of the work of the commission that helps to frame the work that is being asked of the delegates to the February 2019 General Conference. (length 54:18).

Bishop Grant Hagiya: Reflections about the book "Anatomy of Peace" (

Bishop Grant Hagiya, a member of the Commission on A Way Forward, shares reflections about the book "Anatomy of Peace." Bishop Hagiya shares why the principles of this book help us make a fundamental shift from battleground to a place where people can have open and honest dialogue with one another.
(length 5:44)


Reflections on A Way Forward (

Donna Pritchard (clergy, Pacific Northwest Conference), Tom Salsgiver (clergy, Susquehanna Conference) and Leah Taylor (laity, Texas Conference) are all Commission on A Way Forward members. They share reflections on their work, the value of connection and the relationships they formed during their time together on the Commission. (length 7:02)

Gil Rendle: A parable for today (

Gil shares a story that illustrates the difference between positions and interests. When we are able to move from holding onto our positions to seeking to understand each other’s underlying interests we are better able to move forward together. (length 5:14).


Serving Together on the Commission (

Patricia Miller, Executive Director of the Confessing Movement, and Matt Berryman, former Executive Director of Reconciling Ministries Network, talk about their friendship and their experiences serving together on the Commission. (Length 7:55)

Thoughts About the Work of the Commission (

Commission members Mazvita Machinga (laity, Zimbabwe East Conference), David Field (laity, Swiss Conference), and Myungrae Kim Lee (laity, New York Conference), share their thoughts about the work of the Commission. (Length 10:56)