United Women in Faith



All my life I’ve heard leaders refer to the United Methodist Church as a connectional denomination. As a result, when it’s time for a new pastor, a newly appointed pastor is in the pulpit the week after the old pastor moves on. Through our global connection, United Methodists are in ministry and mission in the United States, Africa, Europe, and Asia.  We make decisions for the denomination every four years at a General Conference gathering where delegates pray and worship together, receive reports, and deal with legislation that tweaks our Book of Discipline.

The role of United Methodist Women in the church is defined in the Book of Discipline and United Methodist Women follow the mandates of General Conference.  According to the “Discipline,” every church should have an organized United Methodist Women organization with a focus on women, children and youth and a separate channel for donated money that the UMW oversees. 
Western PA United Methodist Women affirm that pastors, male and female are important members of our organization.  We also affirm that allies (men and women) on conference staff, in local churches, and outside our denomination partner with us to fulfill our PURPOSE in ministry and mission.  

Rev. Susan Moudry, left, Betty and Richard Roberts, and Diane Miller at Indiana Trinity UMC
The 2018 Friend of UMW Award was publicized at Annual Conference, announced at the UMW Annual Meeting in October, and finally presented to Richard Roberts during the morning worship service in his local church, Indiana Trinity UMC, on Nov. 4, 2018.  Diane Miller outgoing president of the Conference UMW and Susan Moudry, Coordinator for Clergy Excellence for the Western Pennsylvania Conference, presented the award. 
In 2010-2011 Rev. Moudry served Indiana Trinity as their Associate Pastor for Youth and said on Nov. 4 that she remembers the congregation was very gracious in guiding the formation of a young pastor.  She also affirmed the support of Conference staff for United Methodist Women.       
November 4 was All Saints Sunday – a fitting time to remember those who have passed on – and those who continue to work together to further God’s Kin-dom.  We are blessed to be connected.


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