Pathways for Intentional and Innovative Ministry (PIIM)

WPAUMC’s Pathways for Intentional and Innovative Ministry (PIIM) Process is designed to help churches discover faithful pathways for proclaiming the Good News of God’s love in their communities. The PIIM Process is a three-phase invitational commitment for clergy and lay participation, over the course of eighteen months.

The process includes a foundation of prayer, monthly clergy training, laity training events, an intensive weekend of church study, a detailed report of pathways especially developed for the church, implementation of pathways, and follow up coaching with the church leadership team for six months or more.

Criteria for participation:

  • Church leadership has to be coachable: Intentionally seeking to grow and learn
  • “We share the ministry” attitude/Collaborative spirit
  • Not looking for formulaic answers
  • Desire to connect with the community

If you are interested in exploring participation in the next PIIM cohort, contact Rev. Chenda Lee.