Financial Matters

What Are We Paying For? Why?


A Short Story About Connectional Apportionments I once read a comment about connectional apportionments from someone who asked the question, “Is this like the baggage fee I have to pay when flying?”   Another person wanted to know if Apportionments were similar to dues you pay to belong to a club. I suppose these are not unreasonable questions to ask if you have never had the opportunity to receive an explanation of how Connectional Apportionments are an integral part of the fabric of the ...

Budgets, Budgets, Budgets


Budget, budgets, budgets…!!!!! We all prepare financial budgets, sometimes intentionally, sometimes by accident.  Regardless, planning our finances is an essential part of today’s personal and business finances.  In fact, lacking a budget, we wouldn’t be able to plan vacations, to save for major purchases or, most importantly, to share with God a very small portion of what we have gained through His grace. For the majority of people, budgeting could simply be planning the payment of bills for ...