Umcor Updates to Cleaning Kit



Cleaning Kit
Value: $75.00 per kit

Cleaning Kit Materials
One five-gallon round bucket with lid (14.35” h x 12.19” w x 12.19” d)
o No screw lids
o May be used, but must be free from all residual product
o Advertisement on the outside acceptable
One 32–64 oz. bottle liquid laundry detergent
One 16–40 oz. bottle liquid concentrate household cleaner

o No spray cleaners
One 16–34 oz. bottle liquid dish soap
One 4–8 oz. pump spray air freshener
One 6–14 oz. pump spray insect repellant (pack of 10–20 wipes also acceptable)

o Pump spray bottles must have protective covers
One scrub brush
o With or without handle
18 re-usable cleaning wipes
o No terrycloth, microfiber or paper towels
o Remove from packaging
Five scouring pads
o No stainless steel or pads with soap in them
o Remove from packaging
36–50 clothespins
One 50–100 ft. clothesline (cotton or plastic line)

 24 roll of heavy-duty trash bags (33–45 gallon sizes)
o Remove from packaging
Five N95 particulate respirator dust masks (1–3 mm thickness)
o No surgical masks Last updated September 2019
Two pairs kitchen gloves
o Durable for multiple uses
o Remove from packaging
One pair work gloves
o Cotton with leather palm or all leather

Assembly Directions
 Place all liquid items on the bottom of the bucket.
 Place remaining items in the bucket fitting them around and between the liquid items.
 Scouring pads and trash bags can be separated in order to fit all items in the bucket.
 Clothespins may also be placed in a small re-sealable bag.
 Secure the lid on the filled bucket.

Important Notes
 All items must be new with the exception of the bucket and lid.
 All cleaning agents must be in liquid form. No powders are accepted.
 If items have been omitted, label bucket. Please indicate which items are missing
 Sponges have been removed from the list of supplies due to the challenge of locating the non-cellulose sponges that prevent mildew. Non-cellulose sponges will be added to each bucket upon arrival at the affiliate warehouse.
 Do not include any personal notes, money or additional materials in the kits.
 Contents of kits or the containers of kits should not be imprinted with cartoon characters, advertisements, religious, patriotic, military or camouflage symbols

Instructions for Packing and Shipping Kits
 Packed buckets cannot exceed 70 pounds
 Complete two packing lists, one for your records and one for the shipping box.
 Place the shipping label/packing list on the outside of each box.
 Please send a check to Sager Brown for the total number of buckets times $3 per bucket for the cost of sponges and shipping.
One check may be written for the entire donation.

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