WPAUMC Camping and Retreat Ministries Capital Campaign

Note: Since the beginning of the campaign in 2018, some of the leaders shown in this video have changed. Even so, it gives an excellent introduction to the campaign and its purposes.

Final Months Message from Bishop Cynthia Moore Koikoi



Campaign Launch Video


These six short videos introduce the purpose and work of each site that's supported by your camping campaign gifts.

TOOL BOX for Running a Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching Campaign Appeal in Your Church.




One Ministry...Many Locations


WPAUMC Camping and Retreat Ministries serves over 20,000 people each year through camps, programs, retreats and other ministry opportunities. These ministries are broken out between six unique locations -At The Lake Ministries, Camp Allegheny, Healthy Village Learning Institute, Jumonville, Olmsted Manor Retreat Center, Wesley Woods - that serve faith development. To increase participation, a capital campaign has been started to raise no less than $2.5 million and challenge a goal of $5 million.




Campaign Goals

The Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching Campaign seeks to:

  • Increase annual summer participation of children and youth by 2,000 by 2025
  • Increase annual family participation by 1,000 by 2025
  • Increase annual non-summer participation by 1,000 individuals by 2025

Furthermore, this campaign will increase the diversity and accessibility of camping and retreat ministries so that our sites better reflect the communities in which we live. It will enable our site Boards to focus more on program development than on financial concerns.



In order to reach the above goals, WPAUMC seeks to raise as much as $5 million to be invested in the following manner:

  • 50% to capital facility construction and enhancement and
  • 50% to be invested in scholarships. A combination of endowed scholarships and immediate scholarship grants.


Long-Term Strategy

To assure that gifts to Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching have a long-term positive impact, each site is providing a long-term strategy to assure they are fully funding their facility refurbishment. This campaign is designed to jump-start each site to make progress on improving their facility, attaining more guests, and remaining vibrant for the long-term future.


Our Campaign Progress So Far



Our mission is to provide leadership, connection and resources to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.



Campaign Budget

Total gifts to the Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching Campaign are expected to be distributed according to the percentages listed with the following dollar amounts as we reach the $5 million goal.


Capital Projects - 50% of gifts

  • At the Lake Ministries – 2% up to $50,000
  • Camp Allegheny – 25% up to $625,000
  • Healthy Village Learning Institute – 8% up to $200,000
  • Jumonville – 25% up to $625,000
  • Olmsted Manor – 15% up to $375,000
  • Wesley Woods – 25% up to $625,000


Scholarship Projects - 50% of gifts

  • Overall Endowed – 50% up to $1,250,000
  • Immediate – 50% up to $1,250,000



Campaign Launch: January, 2018
Preparation January-March, 2018
Leadership Gifts (staff/boards/committees): February through May, 2018
Major Gifts: April, 2018-March, 2019


Congregational Appeal

Council Visits: June-October, 2018
Congregational Appeals: January, 2019-June, 2020
United Methodist Women, Clergy Gifts, Retired Clergy, Grants and Endowments: various schedules


"If I have a passion in ministry it is in camping."
- Rev. Alyce Weaver Dunn -



This campaign is benefitting our summer camps, our ongoing ministry opportunities, and retreat center. Each camp has identified projects that will be funded through this effort in a priority order. Once the first project is complete, funding will then shift to the next project on their list.


At the Lake Ministries

Storage Building
Program Vehicle
Debt Reduction from Repurposing Efforts

Healthy Village Learning Institute

3rd Floor Repurposing

Olmsted Manor

Water System
Manor Renovation
Back-Up Generators


Camp Allegheny

Camp Center Renovation
Septic/Water System and Road
Pool and Indoor Riding Arena


Water System
Indoor Activity Space
"Jumonville Off the Mountain Program"

Wesley Woods

Recreation Facility
Missionary 3 Restrooms
Install Three-Phase Electric Service





Immediate Scholarships

In order to reach the goal of an additional 2,000 summer youth participants by 2025, an investment of $1.25 million to provide immediate scholarships over the next five years is necessary. The WPAUMC Camping and Retreat Ministries Team will be responsible for administrating the general scholarship fund.


Scholarship Endowments

  • These endowments will be housed at the UM Foundation and administered through the WPAUMC Camping office.
  • General scholarship endowment.
  • Ministry specific scholarship endowments – individuals, churches, or groups of individuals wishing to endow a scholarship to a specific site may do so with a commitment of at least $50,000.




Unrestricted gifts will be split evenly between the capital needs and scholarship areas of the Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching Campaign. The capital portion will be split evenly among the six ministries until each ministry fulfills their stated capital goal in dollars, as shown on page 4 of the Prospectus. The scholarship portion will be split evenly among the two types: immediate and endowment funds.

Requests for restricting gifts will be honored within the spirit of this campaign. As a campaign of the WPAUMC, our purpose is not to simply build a facility on any one of the ministry sites, but to strengthen our Camping and Retreat Ministries as a whole. At the same time, it is understood that some among us have a strong affinity for the site or ministry where they have had involvement.

  • Donors may designate their gift to the capital project of a single site
  • Donors may designate their gift to the immediate or endowed scholarship project
  • Donors may restrict their gift to a ministry specific scholarship endowment if that ministry has a specific endowment ($50,000 minimum). Ministry specific endowment guidelines are on file at the WPAUMC offices.

Our vision is to ignite and sustain a passionate, spiritual connection with Christ among all people in western Pennsylvania






Successful implementation of the above plan will require funding of approximately $5 million over the next five years. The campaign begins in early 2018.

In order to achieve our campaign goals the following gifts, in the amounts and quantities listed, will be needed. These gifts may come from individuals, families, charitable foundations, corporate grants or as the cumulative contributions from a congregation’s campaign effort or the congregation’s endowment or trust fund.

1 Gift of $500,000 or more
2 Gifts of  $300,000
4 Gifts of $200,000
4 Gifts of $100,000
20 Gifts of $50,000
20 Gifts of $25,000
25 Gifts of $10,000
50 Gifts of $5,000
100 Gifts of $3,000
Many gifts of other amounts  
Total $5,000,000



Weekly Amount Monthly Amount 1-Year Amount 3-Year Amount 5-Year Amount
$700.00 $3,033 $36,400 $109,200 $182,000
$525.00 $2,275 $27,300 $81,900 $136,500
$350.00 $1,517 $18,200 $54,600 $91,000
$275.00 $1,192 $14,300 $42,900 $71,500
$210.00 $910 $10,920 $32,760 $54,600
$175.00 $758 $9,100 $27,300 $45,500
$140.00 $607 $7,280 $21,840 $36,400
$105.00 $455 $5,460 $16,380 $27,300
$70.00 $303 $3,640 $10,920 $18,200
$35.00 $152 $1820 $5,460 $9,100
$25.00 $108 $1,300 $3,900 $6,500
$12.50 $54 $650 $1,950 $3,250



Following the Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching Campaign, a Wall of Honor will be erected at the WPAUMC offices recognizing all gifts of $5,000 or more. Honor and memorial gifts will be recognized on the wall to provide a permanent remembrance of these gifts. Gifts will be acknowledged in the following categories:

  • $5,000
  • $5,001 to $14,999
  • $15,000 to $24,999
  • $25,000 to $34,999
  • $35,000 to $49,999
  • $50,000 to $74,999
  • $75,000 to $99,999
  • $100,000 to $249,999
  • $250,000 +


Congregations throughout Western will be asked to participate through a three-step campaign process.

Step 1 Representative visits Church Council to present the campaign plans.

Step 2 Training for lay persons in each congregation to assist and equip them for conducting a campaign in the congregation.

Step 3 Church Council sets a campaign goal and conducts campaign effort or contributes from its endowment, trust fund or other resources, such as individuals from their IRAs.


"I think camping is a passion because you can see God working in so many people in so many lives."
- Sue Strohm -



Each Congregation will be asked to set a non-binding, three-year goal for their campaign effort.

Recommended goal levels are proposed on the basis on the average weekly worship attendance of the congregation. Most pastors and lay leaders consider that statistic a reflection of the effective size of their congregation.

The following are the proposed goal levels for congregations:

Basic Goal............ $125 per worshipper
Challenge Goal.....$250 per worshipper

For example, a congregation with an average weekly worship attendance of 100 persons select from the following goals:

Basic Goal............ $12,500 over three-years
Challenge Goal.....$25,000 over three-years








Give Now

Individuals and external organizations can make an online contribution using their bank account or credit card by clicking the button above. Churches wishing to donate to the campaign from their budget (not remittance of an individual’s donation) can also contribute online; however, they should continue to use the Local Church Remittances page. For more information on how to remit donations received from your congregation, see the Congregational Giving Instructions


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