Project List

As part of the Called & Sent experience, you will need to complete a spiritual leadership project in your church and/or community. This project needs to be created and implemented by you, the Called & Sent participant. Your discernment partner will be able to guide you along the way but can not do the work for you. You are allowed to (and encouraged to) recruit volunteers to assist you in implementing this project if it suits the type of project you are doing. Below are some ideas of leadership projects. You are also encouraged to partner with other community organizations and businesses, when appropriate. This is not a complete list and we encourage you to get creative in what project you will do.


Project Ideas:

Fundraisers for a specific cause – spaghetti dinner, rummage sale, dinner theatre

Collection drives – clothing drive, food drive, toy drive

VBS (leading and organizing it, not just volunteering at it)

Community playground improvement

Community Awareness Project – choose a specific topic (AIDS, homelessness, teen pregnancy, etc)

Establish a Nature Trail or Wetland

Put on a special event for senior citizens

Collect books to send to schools in developing countries

Peer tutoring program


There is no limit to what can be done. Take a look around your community and world. Take notice to a problem and make a plan to do something about it. That’s your spiritual leadership project!