The participants are senior high youth (ages 15-18 or grades 10-12) who have felt God’s call into some sort of Christian ministry and/or shows potential for being a strong Christian leader. Participants are accepted into the Called & Sent experience after completing an online application , submitting a referral from a pastor, youth pastor, or camp dean, and being chosen by the Called & Sent selection panel.

 As a participant in the Called & Sent experience, you will be stepping into a year of discovery. This is a time for you to intentionally explore what God’s plan is for your life and how you can live out that calling in a way that will impact your community and world. You will be expected to attend various events and programs throughout the year, which means there will be a commitment of time on your behalf. But when your year is over you will be a stronger and more confident leader. You will be prepared for the next steps in fulfilling God’s call on your life, whether it is in ordained ministry, another type of vocational ministry, or a life calling. You will have experienced the Church beyond Western Pennsylvania as well as served your local congregation. And after your year is complete, you will be recognized by the Annual Conference and it’s local churches as the prime leaders of the next generation who will be moving the Church into the future.