Discernment Partners

The discernment partners are caring Christian adults who will guide the selected youth through the Called & Sent process for the development of youth Christian leaders and future clergy.

As a discernment partner you are the backbone of what makes Called & Sent work. You will be building a mentor relationship with your youth partner, helping them chose the optional experiences that best fits their particular life call, and helping them focus on getting the most out of each experience throughout the year. You will support your youth partner and be involved in various experiences with them (example – their spiritual leadership project in their local church and at least two of the Called & Sent retreats). A full description of the discernment partner’s duties and qualifications is available . Webinar training will be your first step as a discernment partner. This webinar will give a detailed description of ways to fulfill your duties in this role and show you how to get the resources and support that you will need as you are working with your youth partner.


Discernment Partners Training

What you will be doing in this role - (Checklist.pdf) 

Planning the youth participants year - (Plan for the Year Template.pdf)

  • We will be using this form to plan out what the participants year is going to look like. Click here to see an example of a completed form. The youth participant may already have some ideas and things planned that will go on this form. We will be officially filling them out during our time together at Annual Conference in June.

Spiritual Leadership Project - (Leadership Project Outline Template.pdf)

Quarterly Reports - (Quarterly Reports.pdf)


Called and Sent Training Video