Cost for the Participant

The Called & Sent: Youth Leadership Academy is a ministry of the Western Pennsylvania United Methodist Annual Conference. Therefore many of the costs associated with Called & Sent are covered by the Annual Conference. Here’s a basic breakdown:

  • $0 --- All Called & Sent Retreats are at no fee for any participant and their discernment partner. 
  • $0 – varies --- Any costs associated with the spiritual leadership project need to be raised by the participant. Many spiritual leadership projects can be done in partnership with the local church who many times will cover any costs associated with the project.
  • $0 and up (see this years’ Experience Menu to see if any costs apply to you ) --- Additional experiences are different for each participant. Each year there will be options that require no additional fees for the participant. And there will also be options that can be chosen, which require fundraising on the part of the participant.

Because Called & Sent is tailored to each individual participant, we will not know the exact experience fees until the participant chooses their options. The average participant who does not chose an overseas experience will need to raise ~$100-$300 during their year in the program.