Church Responds to the Buffalo Shooting

After the racially motivated massacre in Buffalo, the General Commission on Religion and Race offers a prayer and resources for ...

Bishops' President: "Act as the Body of Christ"

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey ends an unusual two-year term as president of the Council of Bishop.

Lee Named to Clergy/Lay Excellence Post

The Rev. Chenda Innis Lee has been named WPAUMC Coordinator of Clergy and Lay Excellence.

Bishops Hold Regional Gatherings

A video of one of the sessions will be posted in the weeks following the final event.

Bishops Discern Separation Path for Churches

The Council of Bishops looked at pathways for churches to separate from the UMC and asked for Judicial Council ruling on ...

Choi Named Kane District Superintendent

The Rev. Dr. Sang Kong Choi, shown with his wife Grace, will become the new Kane DS. 

GC2020 Delay Prompts Questions

Ministry continues in the United Methodist Church despite another delay in the General Conference.