Court rules on General Conference Questions

The Judicial Council clarified rules on filling delegate vacancies and another scheduled GC.

Special Session Called for June 14

A special session has been called prior to the start of Annual Conference 2023, for the purpose of voting on disaffiliation. 

Judicial Council Releases Ruling

Bishop Moore-Koikoi released a statement regarding the recent ruling by the Judicial Council.

Mission Barn Finds New Home, Strengthens Ministry

The Mission Barn recently relocated to a new building and will continue their ministry to help those in need.

Burying the Alleluia

Burying the Alleluia in Lent was a form of delayed gratification, heightening the celebration of Easter. 

Bishop Moore-Koikoi: "I am encouraged"

Bishop Moore-Koikoi offers a word of encouragement during this season of disaffiliation.