Eastbrook Mission Barn

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The Eastbrook Mission Barn is one of six UMCOR Relief Supply Network depots across the United States.

In 2000, Eastbrook United Methodist Church acquired a former dairy barn as part of its purchase of a new parsonage. In 2008, the church began using the heated office space to store UMCOR cleaning buckets. Today, it is dedicated to storing relief supplies year-round, as well as to providing a work space for volunteers.

Teams of volunteers show up every week at the barn to verify kits, make kits from scratch, sew tiny nightgowns for infants or school bags for children in some far off place. There are teen-agers, elderly women and men. Sitting and sewing or checking kits is something easily done by even those with handicapping conditions.

The facility has also served as a center for building UMVIM-designe modular handicap-access ramps for residents of Lawrence and Mercer counties.


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