Retired Clergy Healthcare

Current eligible retiree Conference-sponsored Medicare plans include your selection from three Highmark Medicare Advantage Plans or AARP Supplemental Plans. These plans include a subsidy, if eligible (see rates).


MEDICAL – Highmark Options

Rates: (Rate listed is cost after subsidy)
  • Freedom Blue High option $220.00 per person, per month
  • Freedom Blue Low option $154.00 per person, per month
  • Community Blue HMO option $69.00 per person, per month


Medical - AARP -

Medicare Supplement Plans. You must choose your option and the cost is dependent upon your selections, your Zip code, and your age. For more information, contact the Benefits Office.


Dental- Metlife -

Please note: the Group number for our plan is #95435. The employee ID is the social security number of the plan subscriber (clergy). The cost is free to those on retiree conference-sponsored benefit plans (Highmark or AARP).